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nonprofit annual report template is a nonprofit annual report sample that gives infomration on nonprofit annual report design and format. when designing nonprofit annual report example, it is important to consider nonprofit annual report template style, design, color and theme. annual reports can be used to highlight a nonprofit’s mission and impact, thank volunteers and supporters, and make a case for donating to the organization. today, more and more nonprofits are going paperless with their annual reports. your annual report will probably be geared towards individual donors, foundations, and perhaps other audiences, so consider the best ways to reach each of them. the contents of your annual report should be visually compelling, underscore your nonprofit’s commitment to transparency, and explain your organization’s mission, progress, and outcomes.

nonprofit annual report overview

annual reports are an opportunity to be candid and transparent about your nonprofit’s finances and outcomes and build trust with your audience. when you are thinking about ways to increase efficiency, whether reducing cost, reaching a wider audience, or attracting more attention, think about whether going paperless is the right choice for your nonprofit. above all, remember that nonprofits are required to disclose certain information when requested by the public. you won’t always have a donor’s ear at just the right moment, so let your nonprofit’s annual report do some of the talking for you! the national council of nonprofits is a proud 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit.

people want to build deeper connections with the organizations they support, and your annual report is a great way to share the big picture of every action they take. grab everything you need below to package your year into a simple and compelling resource, including a nonprofit annual report template and examples to take things to the next level in the coming year. the report format will depend on your organization’s size and bandwidth. you could also bring it to life as an interactive page on your website that you update throughout the year. it’s always helpful to picture what your annual report could look like with a visual.

nonprofit annual report format

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nonprofit annual report guide

we’ve put together the following template to help guide you on a good blend of imagery, videos, and text to communicate your incredible year. the combination of powerful images from response sites like the turkey-syria earthquake and maui wildfires help to recall the timely events that rallied people to take action worldwide. the report is also intuitive, making it easy for readers to dig into areas of interest across the organization’s three gospel values of compassion, hospitality, and stewardship. the trevor project’s annual report lives in pdf format and is easily shareable through a simple link. take advantage of the opportunity to get potential donors, corporate partners, and others interested in your nonprofit for maximum impact. now, it’s time to showcase that to the masses and build momentum for another impactful year ahead.

this post is designed to guide your organization through the nonprofit annual report creation process. now that you have a basic understanding of the elements of an annual report, you can build on your approach to make the report as engaging and effective as possible. understanding your audience demographics and preferences is the first step to ensuring your annual report is designed for their needs. for instance, compare the following sentences: the second sentence uses you-attitude and is more likely to hold the attention of your supporters throughout a document like your nonprofit annual report. your goal shouldn’t be to jam-pack this postcard with all of the information that you would include in a traditional report.

ask for volunteers to review the document and provide feedback about the imagery used before you send your report out. choose your annual report platform based on the report formats you’re looking to create. the rhode island foundation annual report is a booklet document that takes a deep dive into the various projects and campaigns from the year. this allows readers to engage with the parts of the report that matter most to them and interact with the report on their mobile devices. the templates and annual report examples throughout this article should help your nonprofit get started making your annual report the best it can be.