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interactive annual report template is a interactive annual report sample that gives infomration on interactive annual report design and format. when designing interactive annual report example, it is important to consider interactive annual report template style, design, color and theme. website analytics provide clear insight into the effectiveness of your nonprofit’s annual report as a communications tool and make clear what content audiences are most interested in. this is a nonprofit annual report that’s filled with great storytelling and expertly balances the head and the heart. this  annual report just the kind of report i really want to spend time with, which of course says a lot about the quality of boston university’s brand. as i mentioned, from a content perspective, nesta’s interactive report does an excellent job making its ideas and content accessible to new audiences.

interactive annual report overview

simply put, for sustainability and scalability, and to make an annual report that’s a more holistic part of the nonprofit’s brand—both visually and technically. taken together, you’ve got a strategically on-brand digital annual report for a nonprofit that connects emotionally, engages the audience, and focuses on the progress it’s making to implement its mission. it’s differentiated and creates a good feel for their brand that’s aligned with the veterans community that they stand with. approached strategically and with great respect for your nonprofit’s brand, the examples we’ve researched this year reaffirm that a digital annual report drives engagement. there is a place for print, and we’ve done (and continue to do) plenty of print annual reports over the years that have done an excellent job for the organizations they represent.

i scoured the web for the best examples of digital nonprofit annual reports to give you inspiration as you’re developing yours. here’s the list of links to the digital nonprofit annual reports for you to see yourself: what’s not to love about this beautiful digital annual report? there’s considerable thought in the user experience of the annual report. lesson: don’t be afraid to use animation and video, but do so in a way that supports the reading flow of the annual report. one of the more unique annual reports on this list isn’t an annual report at all, instead tableau foundation has created a weekly dashboard for donors to keep up with the goings on of the organization. many of the nonprofits i reviewed simply had a link to their annual report with no context or important information giving the link context.

interactive annual report format

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the museum of fine arts boston annual report takes advantages of the inherit benefit of providing more information in a digital annual report. but it’s also very much on brand and smartly incorporates video and animations into the annual report. the annual report also wisely includes links to the organization in the press (increasing your trust) and stories about how you’re making a difference as a donor. the gates foundation has a creative take on the annual report in the form of an annotated letter. lesson: you don’t have to take the page turning concept of the pdf or print annual report and directly copy it for the web. the pencils of promise isn’t the flashiest annual report, but it clearly and concisely tells the nonprofit’s story to the reader.

digital annual reports deliver a different user experience for the online reader. your annual report is more than just an annual compliance. to ensure you’re optimising your report as a strategic marketing tool, consider our insights on getting the most out of your annual report. this transition has been captured in our article revolutionising the future: digital annual report trends for 2023. organisations are in favour of digital annual reports as they give your asset more accountability. this gives you the power to see who is reading your report content, when and from what device. to learn more about measuring the success and roi of your digital annual report, you can refer to our guide on how companies measure the success and roi of their digital annual report efforts. it creates a platform to captivate, surprise and intrigue your readers with the latest digital functionalities.

this makes it easier for your reader to digest what you have to say. your digital report allows you to bring to life the data that matters, highlighting it to your readers eye in an engaging way. your annual report can be made more fun to consume with subtle movements that drive your reader to explore your entire report. whether your report is single-page or multi-page, the key is to make them highly mobile responsive. to learn more about digital annual reporting trends, check out our article on the future of digital annual report trends for 2023. while there are endless ways you can present your report with digital, it’s important to remember that often less is more. to ensure you get the most out of your annual report, consider our insights on getting the most out of your annual report. thirst creative acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land and waterways on which our organisation operates.