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data studio facebook ads template is a data studio facebook ads sample that gives infomration on data studio facebook ads design and format. when designing data studio facebook ads example, it is important to consider data studio facebook ads template style, design, color and theme. join us for this informative webinar, as link building expert jon ball will reveal the closely guarded secrets that have propelled page one power to become a highly successful $10 million agency. in this column, you’ll learn how to do just that using a google data studio dashboard for your facebook ads performance reporting. if you want to see how your ads perform and measure their roi (return on investment) or roas (return on ad spend), you will need to download the data broken down by campaign, ad set, and/or time – only.

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there is still a great case for using this data to evaluate and understand the performance of our ads across each platform and placement, and to use those lessons to optimize the campaign delivery. for example, if we have a report that includes the frequency of the ads broken down by week, neither the sum nor average of those values will give you the accurate number as it would be reported on the facebook ads platform or reports. i suggest downloading and adding the data for the period you would like to report on and adding it as a separate sheet (or tab if included in the existing report). the benefit is that you can create and save queries in your sheet with the connector and, once they’re set, can automatically pull the data and refresh it regularly.

get to know some of our customers and see how they’re using supermetrics to move their marketing data and get rid of data silos. and because facebook ads is the most popular paid social platform, in this step-by-step tutorial, i’ll show you how to use data studio to create a facebook ads overview dashboard using the supermetrics connector. the beauty of this tutorial is that you can apply all the tips and learnings to create a similar report for twitter ads, linkedin ads or any other ad platform in data studio! after you have connected your facebook accounts, select the ones you want to pull data from. there are also additional options to select the conversion window and reporting time zone if you wish to adjust them. you can always check which data sources are connected to your dashboard by clicking the “resource” tab at the top of the dashboard and selecting “manage data sources”. similarly to text boxes, you can modify fonts and colors from the menu on the right.

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you can add text to divider to highlight the name of the upcoming section. if you want these scorecard metrics to be more visible, simply add a colored background to each using the rectangle tool. if you want to add one more metric to the chart, head over to the sidebar on the right and click “add metric”. just like with the previous graphs, you add it by selecting “add a chart” and picking the “table” option. you can choose as many metrics as you wish to display, and don’t forget to check out the “style” tab to customize your table. with supermetrics, you can pull data from linkedin ads, twitter ads, microsoft ads and many other platforms and duplicate the same process. if you want to share your experiences with supermetrics for data studio or get more reporting tips, feel free to drop me a message at

a data source will connect the information from facebook ads manager, google analytics, and other marketing platforms to data studio so that you can create charts within a reporting dashboard. search for the name of your google analytics account and select the property and view of the data you want to analyze within your dashboard. when creating a facebook ads manager data source for the first time, you’ll need to log into your facebook account. go to the right-hand column and select your facebook ads data source. this table is similar to the information you would see in facebook ads manager.

use a chart with comparison data to analyze overall performance for a specified date range compared to another specified date range. edit the name of a metric to better match what that metric represents. this filter will narrow the data in your chart to only the campaigns with a conversion objective. to add the google analytics data source to your report, select table with bars from the add a chart menu. use these recommendations, along with other customizations, to make the most of data studio and improve your facebook advertising. get our latest articles delivered to your email inbox and get the free social media marketing industry report (37 pages, 50+ charts)!