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facebook ads report template is a facebook ads report sample that gives infomration on facebook ads report design and format. when designing facebook ads report example, it is important to consider facebook ads report template style, design, color and theme. want to display your facebook ads in a real-time dashboard instead of using ads manager? the cover and sections of a facebook ads report serve as the gateway and vessel for your agency’s insights and analytics. use the monthly write-up section of the facebook ads report template to provide an overview of your wins and losses from their facebook ads accounts, as well as your team’s marketing plan going forward. on a deeper level, you can use this section to add your thoughts about how the number of clicks relates to the other ad metrics on this customizable facebook ads report.

facebook ads report overview

use this section of your facebook ads report to show your clients which facebook ad is performing the best for you to emulate those successful ads in the future. the demographics data in facebook ads–focusing on gender, location, and age–is a goldmine of information, integral to optimizing campaign performance. no problem, agencyanalytics lets you easily drag and drop new sections to your facebook ads report. choose the plan that is right for your growing agency and provide as many logins as you need to get the work done. having all of our resources in one place combined with a swift report-building tool has cut the time it takes to build custom dashboards and reports in half!

you do the research, create your facebook ad campaign, wait for the results and…nothing happens. once you start running campaigns, you should start to see the results fill in each column on your dashboard. depending on your goals, you can customize the ads manager’s columns to hide the data you don’t need and highlight what is important to you. you can learn more about ad metrics and how to choose the ones that will help your campaign succeed by reading the simple guide to understand facebook ads metrics. at any one time, you can have one breakdown from each of the categories active to get even more in-depth into your data.

facebook ads report format

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facebook ads report guide

zero in on underperforming portions of your ad strategy so that you can learn for future ads and optimize current ones for what is working best. use the bar on the right to make the report your own by adding the metrics you want to see included in your custom report. if you’re using adespresso to manage your facebook ad campaigns, you can take advantage of a number of advanced reporting options. once you check the preview of your report, you can configure your delivery to be sent to specific email addresses or to be generated from adespresso and emailed to you. you need to apply what you learn and keep testing everything, never assuming that something will work just because you’ve read it online. if you want to stay ahead of the crowd, take a look at some of the resources on our blog that will help guide you in the latest best practices on facebook.

running facebook ads campaigns and want to keep an eye on ctr, cpc, or any other key metrics? just connect your clients’ accounts and watch your facebook ads report template get auto-populated with the most recent data you heard us right! you need to select the sending frequency, decide on the time period you want to report, and the number of recipients. easily keep your team and clients updated on the most important facebook ads data. present data that gives an overview of your ad campaign performance. get an in-depth view of your facebook ad account performance and track ad set analytics. use our reporting tool to see how each campaign is doing in terms of cpm, the number of received link clicks, roas, and ad spend. our small firm actually managed to onboard 2 new clients as a result of all the time we saved on managing data and reporting. the customer service is also really helpful and easy to reach. the system has standard templates that are easy and fast to use.

it is very easy to use, has a lot of integration, and let get started very fast. i love how easy this tool is to use, everyone on the team finds it much more user-friendly than other dashboards. we literally had to log in and send it to our clients! we are showing our clients the work that we’re doing for them and this is incredibly important for our clients roi. the tool is easy to use; you do not need to have development resources. really easy to connect data sources within the tool. the customer support team has been responsive to all of our needs. our team enjoys the simplicity of setting up the reports and how the data is presented. it’s time to focus your time on the tasks that really matter, and let us worry about your marketing analytics. whatagraph lets marketing agencies and in-house marketers create and send beautiful marketing reports in minutes instead of hours.