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this place is a total scam i purchased a chromebook and then right after only 5 minutes from placing the order i changed my mind i went to cancel but no phone number so i sent it thru the email they have and also the chat box. i was shocked it came in a envelope inside were 2 baggies and at the bottom were 2 tiny jewelry bags thinking they were just thrown in there? when i disputed the transaction on paypal, they claim to have sent the order using a fake tracking number. i tried to reach out to them via email (because that is the only communication they offer) and they only responded twice. not to mention the 30 dollars they charged to return the product. i haven’t had any issues with them and i thought it was a scam to from the negative reviews but no it’s safe to buy from daily sales and you can also get a refund or return your items. they do not want you to reach them by phone, and it takes at least a week before they respond to an email. dailysale.com is the place to get the best deals on all the products you love up to 50-90% off retail.