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website report template is a website report sample that gives infomration on website report design and format. when designing website report example, it is important to consider website report template style, design, color and theme. one of the great things about the internet is the freedom it provides for you to express opinions, start a business, follow a hobby or simply chew the fat with other likeminded people around the globe. when you peruse google results, you often encounter the term “ad” next to headlines. if you encounter a site you believe is promoting misleading information, you can report it at the feedback on adwords ads page. if you encounter a website that makes grandiose get-rich-quick claims or sells items at prices that are just too good to be true — often a sign of counterfeit products — you can report the site to the internet crime complaint center. to report this kind of site to the google safe browsing team, use the report phishing page to enter the url and any comments that are relevant. if the site doesn’t comply, you can contact the web hosting company directly and ask them to take care of it.

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to find out who hosts the website, go to and enter the url. you can ask google to remove this kind of content from search results via its dedicated page. if you see anything online that looks like it could be terror related, you can report it to the department of homeland security. it’s important to remember that much of what we consider unacceptable on the internet – such as fraud and indecent imagery – is a crime in the ‘real world’ too, and as such should be reported to the authorities. these types of activities should be reported to the fbi or the internet crime complaint centre (ic3). helping you stay safe is what we’re about – so, if you need to contact us, get answers to some faqs or access our technical support team.

the internet crime complaint center, or ic3, is the nation’s central hub for reporting cyber crime. here on our website, you can take two vital steps to protecting cyberspace and your own online security. your information is invaluable to helping the fbi and its partners bring cybercriminals to justice. by doing so, you will be better able to protect yourself, your family, and your place of work. reporting internet crimes can help bring criminals to justice and make the internet a safer place for us all. knowledge is the key to prevention.

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criminals from every corner of the globe attack our digital systems on a near constant basis. they strike targets large and small—from corporate networks to personal smart phones. the only way forward is together. combined with other data, it allows the fbi to investigate reported crimes, track trends and threats, and, in some cases, even freeze stolen funds. due to the massive number of complaints we receive each year, ic3 cannot respond directly to every submission, but please know we take each report seriously. chart includes yearly and aggregate data for complaints and losses over the years 2018 to 2022. over that time, ic3 received a total of 3.26 million complaints, reporting a loss of $27.6 billion.