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competitive landscape template is a competitive landscape sample that gives infomration on competitive landscape design and format. when designing competitive landscape example, it is important to consider competitive landscape template style, design, color and theme. the competitive landscape refers to the list of options a customer could choose rather than your product. product teams should conduct a competitive analysis to learn all the alternatives to their product. subscribe to your competitors’ newsletters, join them on social media, and check out the content they publish on their sites. assuming they are tuned in to the goals and frustrations of their potential users—meaning your potential users—these competitors’ priorities can clue you in on big problems your market wants to be solved. a competitive matrix can let you view side-by-side details of each competitive product in your market.

competitive landscape overview

if your target market is using a different type of tool—even something free—to solve their problem, you’ll need to know that, so you can make sure your product offers something more. when you conduct a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, including identifying alternative solutions your prospective customers might already be using, you can save time and resources. rather than building something your market doesn’t need—because they’ve found a workaround—you will instead move your resources over to addressing a problem the market needs solving and is interested in buying. in addition to helping you uncover new product or feature ideas, a competitive landscape analysis can also help you find ways to improve your customer journey. when you sign up to receive your competitors’ content, for example, you’ll learn how they move their prospects through the content and sales funnel. this process is one of the most eye-opening and productive aspects of competitive analysis.

a competitive landscape analysis provides the information necessary to overcome your competitors and reach your destination. there are a variety of frameworks you can use for analyzing the competition. a strategic group analysis can help you pinpoint your closest competitors and understand the precise nature of the competition. a porter’s five forces analysis provides a framework for examining the overall competitiveness of a particular market. simply enter competitor domains and the tool returns a host of insights you can use to better understand the competitive landscape.

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for competitor audience data, traffic analytics provides a ton of insights that can help you understand your market’s audience and where it corresponds to each of your competitors. with the audience widget, you can view the breakdown of the market audience among competitors in terms of age and sex. when it comes to the competitive landscape as it relates to products and services, both traffic analytics and eyeon can provide a wealth of data. from the eyeon timeline, you can navigate directly to the landing page to peek at how they’re promoting a particular product or service. keyword search volume refers to the number of times a specific keyword is searched for in a specific time frame.

you can draw such a map quickly and objectively, without having to resort to costly, time-consuming consumer surveys or subjective estimates of the excellence of your product and the shortcomings of all the others. second, track the price your customers actually pay (wholesale or retail? and identify what your customers see as your offering’s primary benefit. third, draw the map by plotting on a graph the position of every product in the market you’ve selected according to its price and its level of primary benefit, and draw a line that runs through the middle of the points. what you get is a picture of the competitive landscape of your market, where all the products above the line command a price premium owing to some secondary benefit customers value, and all those below the line are positioned to earn market share through lower prices and reduced secondary benefits.

the maps even allow companies to anticipate—and counter—rivals’ strategies. that’s all that separated the launch of apple’s revolutionary iphone, on june 29, 2007, and motorola’s next-generation razr2 (pronounced razr squared) cellular telephone, on august 24. before unveiling the successor to the razr, which pc world magazine in 2005 ranked 12th on a list of the 50 greatest gadgets of the past 50 years, motorola’s top management team was more worried than usual. moreover, senior executives like chairman and ceo edward j. zander wondered if the iphone had changed the competitive dynamics of the market in ways they hadn’t foreseen. how much extra could they charge for the razr2’s new features? the executives couldn’t wait for the results of focus group sessions or sample surveys.