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competitive audit report template is a competitive audit report sample that gives infomration on competitive audit report design and format. when designing competitive audit report example, it is important to consider competitive audit report template style, design, color and theme. dscout ai works with you (not in place  of you) to break the trade-off between  speed and quality. competitive research can give you an understanding of the landscape, and also more domain knowledge. competitive research and analysis allows you to identify all current competitors, evaluate their strategies and determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your organization’s product. when you can identify why customers should come to your product/service instead of the competition, you have a considerable advantage. what are you trying to accomplish with the competitive audit? if you have a plan and an expected outcome for the review, it will be more useful and actionable for you and the team. i would show them this list to vote on the top two direct competitors and top indirect competitors.

competitive audit report overview

based on the conversations and desk research, these are the top two direct competitors. i suggest making a separate tab for direct and indirect competitors. feel free to add your own and adapt the information for whatever your organization needs to know. when you tie the findings back to the goals, you make the competitive audit actionable for your team. i would highlight this and pull some quotes from the reviews. in this case, don’t use competitive research to copy your competitors, use it as a benchmark and way to establish advantages over weaker spots in the competitor’s products/services. nikki anderson-stanier is the founder of user research academy and a qualitative researcher with 9 years in the field.

competitive audit involves a thorough analysis of your competitors. the goal of the competitive analysis is to understand where your brand can differentiate itself and identify market opportunities or ‘whitespace’ on retail shelves. alongside competitive audits, smashbrand’s path to performance™ process encompasses a range of services starting from the diagnosis phase and culminating in packaging and design optimization. this competitive brand analysis involves evaluating consumer perceptions across various category attributes, brand assets, packaging claims, and how these factors contribute to the overall brand perception and market positioning.

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the frequency of conducting a competitive brand audit depends on the market dynamics and the specific needs of your brand. a competitive audit focuses on analyzing competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, market positioning, and strategy. the deliverables include a comprehensive report detailing the competitive landscape, insights into competitor strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, and strategic recommendations for differentiation and market positioning. the insights from the competitive audit are integrated into the overall brand development process, informing aspects like brand positioning, brand messaging, marketing strategies, and product development.