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weekly status update template is a weekly status update sample that gives infomration on weekly status update design and format. when designing weekly status update example, it is important to consider weekly status update template style, design, color and theme. with over 10 years of experience, weekdone has provided tens of thousands of teams from startups to fortune 500 with a simple goal-setting, status updates and progress reporting tool. weekdone is your solution for connecting managers and employees through real-time updates, e-mail reports and social newsfeed. it’s free forever for small teams and offers a free trial for larger ones! it’s definitely a no-brainer to say that weekly status reports help with… reporting the status of something… (obviously). hence, companies and teams now need to rely on digital work tools. the most common use-case of status reports is for project-oriented teams and departments, especially when the project timeline is longer than a month’s time and consists of numerous milestones and tasks that need to be monitored.

weekly status update format

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the sole purpose of project status updates is to give managers and stakeholders a clear and concise idea of how teams are delivering their work across projects. to a degree, a status report is a means of exchanging crucial information between teammates, teams, and in the case of bigger enterprises, whole departments. for example, guilherme sesterheim shared a project status report template in his medium article, which perfectly showcases the basics of how an effective status report should look like. well, that’s why you should consider using team compass ???? while tools like trello, asana, or podio are typically considered as tools to keep track of current projects and the general ‘business as usual’, their project and task structure allow keeping track of a team’s work output. what’s valuable is that most of us are visual perceivers so it’s far more effective to show how a project is progressing by using charts and timelines rather than just rows of data. if you’re in need of something more advanced and automated than a progress report template or spreadsheet, then you can’t go wrong with team compass.