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vpat report template is a vpat report sample that gives infomration on vpat report design and format. when designing vpat report example, it is important to consider vpat report template style, design, color and theme. the accessibility conformance report (acr) based on the iti vpat® is the leading global reporting format for assisting buyers and sellers in identifying information and communications technology (ict) products and services with accessibility features. iti remains committed to maintaining the market relevance of the vpat. membership in iti is not required to use the vpat. please note, however, that the vpat name and report form are iti registered service marks, and should not be altered without the express written permission of iti.

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consistent with the original vpat, version 2.5 provides a column for recording conformance to each provision of a standard or guideline relevant to a product or service. note that, in a previous update of the vpat, “partially supports” replaced “supports with exceptions.” this change was made at the request of representatives of the u.s. access board. iti has four editions of the vpat, enabling ict manufacturers and vendors to create accessibility conformance reports focused on the standards relevant to specific markets and contract requirements: please note that there are different versions of wcag included in different editions of the vpat. please note: while a vpat can be an essential aid in assessing the availability of ict products with accessibility features, it is important to note that, even in cases where a product conforms to relevant standards and technical specifications, an end user may still encounter difficulties utilizing it due to the nature or severity of their disability. iti has developed a paper offering recommendations on how ict purchasers can utilize vpat-generated accessibility conformance reports to sort through such matters.

the site is secure. industry is expected to test its products against the applicable section 508 technical standards and then report which standards the product supports, partially supports, or does not support. this information is provided by industry in the form of an accessibility conformance report (acr). the government asks industry to submit an accessibility conformance report so that the accessibility of a product may be evaluated. the vpat®, which is a template developed by the it industry council (iti), is the most common method for completing an acr since it provides all the relevant section 508 technical standards and instructions on how to complete a report in one tool.

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while the use of the vpat® itself is not required, it is not voluntary to complete an acr if you wish the government to consider purchasing your product. completing an acr is a win-win situation for industry and the government. even if the acr shows that not all the applicable section 508 technical standards have been met, it allows your product to be evaluated against comparable products for accessibility. no, you may complete one acr that addresses all the relevant standards and criteria that match the functionality of your product. your product will still be considered for purchase even if all of the section 508 technical standards are not met. if your product contains software, there are two sets of section 508 technical standards within the report that you must complete: for electronic support documentation, complete the revised section 508, chapter 6: support documentation and services section.

please do not consider anything on this page to look or read as the finished product unless sent here directly by 3.7 designs. vpat stands for “voluntary product accessibility template.” this template is used to draft your accessibility conformance report (acr). people tend to use the term “vpat” to refer to both that generic template and their own specific vpat-based acr. checking the vpat gives your potential customers a sense of the impact your product or service might have on people with disabilities. section 508 of the rehabilitation act requires that u.s. federal government agencies ensure that any information and communications technology (ict) they develop, procure, maintain, or use meets certain accessibility standards.

in addition to wcag, the vpat may include information on a product’s conformance to the section 508 standard or the european union’s en 301 549 standard. for them, looking at your vpat gives them a quick way to compare the accessibility of your product or service with similar offerings from other vendors, and determine which is best for them. nonetheless, as of 2019 99 percent of the most-used websites still failed to meet those guidelines. that doesn’t just lead to a digital product or service that’s easier to use for people with visual impairments—it’s easier to use for everyone. anyone can write a vpat —there’s no requirement that you hire an impartial third-party to audit your site or produce your report.