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teachers can use visual notes in almost any classroom setting: when you’re explaining a topic, or when students are sharing ideas, insights, or presenting. layouts are core to visual notes, as the clarity of your visual notes is all about how you organize content on the page. your layout is how you organize the content and the “path” you want the viewer to follow. for example, you might have a diagram of an animal cell as the hub and each component of the cell as a spoke. your main idea is the big topic you’re covering, and it might have multiple sub-ideas. and the characteristics of a retriever can be listed underneath. they really help split up a lot of text, and help the eye navigate the page.

they also don’t have to be banners and boxes – they could be an image like a car! dividers can be any style of line or shape you can think of. we could go down a rabbit hole on color theory, but a good principle to keep in mind is dark colors are best for text, and light colors are best for background content that you don’t want to compete with your text. but this is not true — you don’t have to be an “artist” to take effective visual notes. it’s helpful to practice drawing a few simple icons you might use over and over. and in the classroom, you can share visual notes to a smart board or projector. some people also find working on the smaller screen is easier and quicker than writing on a large smart board. tanya has been working as a graphic facilitator and graphic recorder since 2010. she believes the most effective graphic recording starts with a deep understanding of your organization, topics, and culture.

students and teachers are using online document editing apps and visual collaboration tools to record and share information instead of writing everything down in a book. as opposed to the traditional text-heavy form, visual note-taking makes use of images, structuring, connectors, and text to record information in a way that makes sense to the note-taker and helps them understand and comprehend the information quickly and easily. even if you are not adding any drawings, you can incorporate the elements of color and connectors into your mind mapping activity to make it more effective in terms of visual note-taking. thinking maps enable meaningful learning as they help organize ideas and information in a way that is easy to understand.

a graphic organizer is a tool that is used to organize information and ideas in a way that is easy to comprehend and internalize. the purpose of adding images to your visual notes is to make them more memorable and comprehensible. place the unfamiliar concepts or words on one side of the canvas under a further research section, to easily spot them and as a reminder. and learning the visual note taking techniques above can help you one way or the other. a single, connected workspace to collaborate, brainstorm, plan, document, manage tasks, and connect to data visually.

i have created a set of fun, visually interesting background templates for you to add to your teaching this is a free sample of the visual notetaking set. sketchnoting templates for all curriculum areas: visual note-taking through illustrations, symbols, structures, & text more about sketchnoting templates for all curriculum areas: visual note-taking through illustrations, symbols, structures, & text more about this, visual note taking app, visual note taking app, free printable note taking templates, canva, graphic facilitation.

here are two sketchnoting templates that give more space for doodling than they do for writing: visual heavy sketchnoting template boxed – verbal to visual. in this article, i’ll share 50 of the best resources that i’ve found in my own path to learn about visual note-taking, graphic recording and sketchnoting this free template outlines some of the basics of visual note-taking, but check out the video and the article below for more details!, teachers pay teachers, sketch notes, note-taking.

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