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ux research report template is a ux research report sample that gives infomration on ux research report design and format. when designing ux research report example, it is important to consider ux research report template style, design, color and theme. this year, we partnered with other companies in the user research space to extend the reach of our survey and this report. as we might expect, uxrs are the most likely to have a formal university education in user research or a closely related discipline, with 42% saying this was how they primarily acquired their research skills and knowledge. this suggests that remote research is a prevalent and essential aspect of the research process, even for those who primarily work in a physical office. a plurality of our audience (37%) reported team sizes of between 2 and 10, followed by 23% who said there are 11 to 25 people involved in research at their organization. the latter point—that uxrs are expected to be educators, not that uxrs necessarily dislike this role—is supported by our data: most (73%) of the people we surveyed said that the responsibility of teaching research best practices falls on the uxrs in their organization, even when there is a research ops function present. uxrs are more likely to use the latter method—43% say they manually track research influenced-decisions compared to 29% of pwdrs and 24% of reops specialists. overall, 38% of our audience said that their teams conduct continuous research, with pms and reops being the most likely to respond affirmatively (65% and 54%, respectively, compared to 37% of uxrs). but there is room for improvement—both in regions where the adoption of these measures seems to be lower, and on teams where inclusive research and design is seen as a luxury.

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this is the part of the report where we—the leading research recruiting and panel management solution—talk about ourselves and shamelessly plug our products. they are the most likely (22%) to rely on the user research incentives calculator from user interviews, which is used by 15% of our audience overall. (we’ll also send you a copy of the state of user research 2023 survey data to explore.) we also had to use our judgment when interpreting some of the open-response answers we received. we can’t talk about the state of user research in 2023 without addressing the elephant in the room: namely, the widespread layoffs and cutbacks that have hit our industry and our colleagues so hard amid the current economic downturn. on average, feelings are more or less neutral—except when it comes to the economy, a subject that has many researchers sweating it at an average score of 2.05/5. but if we had to summarize the findings of this report into a single takeaway, it would be this: user research is changing. if a participant from the united states or canada entered a 3-digit salary that appeared to be shorthand for a typical salary (based on that individual’s location, seniority, and years of experience), we multiplied the response by 1,000. for example, in the case of a vp/senior vp in the us with 15+ years of experience, we interpreted the input “350” as $350,000.