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using a well-defined marketing plan enables companies to scale their marketing tactics, goals and strategies, which in turn drives steady growth in the long run. to learn how to create a successful marketing plan that will help you grow your business strategically, here you’ll find a series of related resources, including a professionally-designed marketing timeline template that you can use for free. documenting the marketing tactics of a business in an organized way, a marketing plan is an effective tool to keep things on track and measure the success of any planned or ongoing campaigns. using the powerpoint marketing timeline template to illustrate your plan can help. a good visual will also become a reference point for delivering your marketing plan and a measuring stick to assess progress.

office timeline is a powerpoint timeline maker that will automate the layout of your marketing timeline. it enables you to show the progress of your marketing strategy throughout its life cycle and also lets you instantly update the plan when things change. these visuals will illustrate progress on critical marketing objectives to your important audiences. use the office timeline powerpoint add-in to quickly update any of these timeline templates or create your own project visuals. microsoft® powerpoint®, excel®, project®, office 365® and windows® are registered trademarks of microsoft corporation.

the reality, though, is that having a solid plan is absolutely critical to making sure that your marketing efforts are successful. simply put, a marketing plan timeline allows you to chronologically see your marketing plan over time —everything from the target audience and goals to budget and tactics. the components of a successful marketing plan will vary depending on your goals, what kind of project you’re undertaking, and the scope of the project. also take into account the current market and how you compare to your competitors, which you can do with a competitor analysis. speaking of your customer, the next thing to include in your marketing plan timeline is your target audience. if so, now is the time to refine your current persona based on the information you have on your current and past customers.

if you don’t set goals, it’s nearly impossible to make improvements. luckily, there’s a simple framework that can help you identify what your goals should be. sometimes, it can be hard to know exactly how long something will take, so start by roughly estimating the amount of time you think it will take to complete each step and set your first deadline accordingly. once you have a clear goal in mind, you can include the tactics and channels where you think you need to focus your time and money. your budget should also include an estimate of the time each tactic will take so that you can account for the salary and hourly cost of everyone involved with the project — from the marketing manager and graphic designer to the writers and social media manager. a marketing plan timeline helps you figure out what you need to do, how you’re going to get there, and how long it will take —keeping your company ahead of the curve.

use this free downloadable marketing plan timeline template to outline and present important marketing strategies in a clear, easy-to-understand format. a marketing timeline allows your entire marketing team to see all projects, events, campaigns, and sales that will be happening throughout the 1. assess your current situation ; 2. define your target audience ; 3. set your goals ; 4. schedule a date ; 5. brainstorm and define tactics., campaign timeline example, campaign timeline example, marketing timeline template free, marketing timeline template excel, marketing timeline template word.

this simple timeline template creates a visual schedule for each of your marketing tasks. list each task along with a pre-launch (12-16 weeks prior): define event goals, create your event website, establish a content strategy, develop your sponsorship program, and write press customize a detailed marketing plan timeline and more with this marketing strategy timeline template. incorporate photos, apply professional colors,, event marketing timeline template, marketing timeline template powerpoint.

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