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survey results report template is a survey results report sample that gives infomration on survey results report design and format. when designing survey results report example, it is important to consider survey results report template style, design, color and theme. once you’ve done all the hard work of persuading people, be it your customers or employees, to fill out your survey, the last thing you want is to have all that important data go to waste. the goal of a survey report is to present the data in a full and objective manner. it might suggest that you may need to improve your survey. this is the kind of data that you could have overlooked but can help you with your marketing efforts (and will result in a survey report that’s pure gold!). still, if you ask customers to fill out a customer service feedback survey after every ticket is closed, you may get years of data. first, your survey may be targeted at a large audience and the questions aren’t relevant enough for all your respondents to answer.

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you want to see the breakdown per respondent so you can see how individuals answered all the questions in the survey. this is important for a good survey report because it allows you to take in a large quantity of data at a glance, and can be easily distributed to those who may find the data valuable. your survey report should present the most important information in a neat and easy-to-understand way so you can draw conclusions quickly. when you run a survey report with survicate, you will see a breakdown of all the responses in the form of a graph. with the click of a single button, you can jump to survey results and even follow up with the respondent. a great survey platform will organize your respondents’ data into an easy-to-read dashboard and help you start acting on the data you’ve received.

presentations are the perfect opportunity to show off your survey results and help your team understand what respondents really want and need. it allows you to create a survey results report, where you can present the results visually, and add text alongside any visual for additional context. here’s an example of how it could turn out:  now that you’re feeling jazzed about the feature, let’s walk through how you can use it, and go over some tips and tricks on how to present survey results! 3. surveymonkey will automatically send you to the analyze tab of your survey to identify questions you’re interested in adding to your dashboard. once you’re happy with how a chart looks, you can add it to your dashboard by clicking the thumbtack icon on the upper-right of the chart. you can add text below or next to any card and change the position of any card by simply dragging and dropping it. click “publish.” you can then create a link for sharing it, and, depending on your plan, add an extra layer of security by making the link password-protected.

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note: there are certain types of questions you can’t add to dashboards. here’s what you’ll need to do to turn it into an accessible and insightful survey results report: think through the different teams or individuals you plan to present the data to. you can account for their individual needs and wants by filtering your data before you add questions to each dashboard. for example, say you surveyed employees to gauge how happy they are at work. to give them the information they want, filter your results by the appropriate department before you begin adding anything to their dashboard. this can include the reasons why the responses look a certain way or your recommendations for improving certain pieces of feedback. to help you present the survey data successfully with each team, you can lean on our results dashboards.

but you’ll limit the effectiveness of the results if you don’t have the right strategy to analyze and report the information. let’s dive into the ins and outs of how to write a survey report. you conduct research because you want to answer a question. did your customers get good service from the support team? one way to find out is to conduct a survey. the survey report presents the results of the survey objectively, summarizing the responses. your survey report should be interesting, but always focus on summarizing the information accurately.

you’ll likely want to include two types of questions: quantitative results are a little easier to present in a report because the numbers can quickly translate into easy-to-understand graphics. the aesthetics of your report matter. so make sure the survey report is professional and concise while sharing accurate information. if you don’t want to write a survey report from scratch, don’t worry! you can pair a jotform survey template with the jotform report builder to visualize and present data in just a few clicks. you can use auto-generated reports, but you also have the ability to customize the report layout to match the unique needs of your organization. you can use these powerful insights to improve your business and meet the needs of your customers more effectively.