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submittal log template is a submittal log sample that gives infomration on submittal log design and format. when designing submittal log example, it is important to consider submittal log template style, design, color and theme. construction is one of those industries that has a lot of jargon. however some of our terminology is not quite as difficult to decipher such as a submittal log. a submittal is written or physical information provided by the responsible contractor to the general contractor to ensure that project plans and specifications are followed. simply put it is a list of items that need to be submitted to the gc for review and approval. a submittal is a way for the designer to ensure that the contractor picked one of the already approved products or an equal. without them it would be difficult to know what is required to be submitted and by when.

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some of them will get away with some paperwork and off to work they go. so understanding when those materials are required on site is critical to maintaining the project schedule. we also need to ensure that we are not overloading the design team with information. aligning your submittal log to the project schedule early on is important to project success. it will still be important to review this log with subcontractors and the design team to insure it is complete but you will be well on your way. pype is committed to making the submittal log process as simple and efficient as possible. over 40% of the enr top 400 use autospecs, closeout, and smartplans to provide unprecedented insights on spec and closeout data, help teams extract actionable information from specifications and plans to close communication gaps between design, construction, and operations teams, and ensure a higher level of quality assurance, efficiency, and risk management on projects coast-to-coast.

below, we’ll take a close look at what are construction submittals, why they matter, the basics of a solid submittals template, what they consist of, and how to streamline the process. these include: these docs are essential to successful construction because they show the project at a very granular level, and allow design professionals to approve the equipment, materials, and more. the submittal log tracks every document on the project and is used as a record to confirm the design team has approved every item. whether your spec book is 100 pages or 1,000, the technology allows you to create a downloadable and accurate spreadsheet with all of your project’s submittal register items in just minutes.

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without being added to the project, subcontractors, vendors, and designers can submit or review submittals all through email. by being able to assign a submittal to all the required reviewers at the same time, it reduces the risk of delays and the time you spend managing and collecting feedback. materials or products installed in a project without the design team’s official approval can be subject to removal and replacement at the contractor’s cost. by using the right software as a tool to help move submittals along, you can get to construction faster with a reduced risk of error, delays, and cost overruns.

use this easy-to-fill template to prepare submittals for general contractor and design team approval for materials and equipment. this construction submittal transmittal form documents communications related to submittals for consideration by everyone involved in the project, including project managers, architects, engineers, general contractors, and subcontractors. architects and engineers can use this template to track all products, equipment, and materials  for a construction project. gcs can use this submittal cover sheet to introduce a single or a “package” of submittals to the design team for approval.

this all-in-one contractor submittal transmittal form will help keep project managers and other design team members apprised of any updates to materials or services and enable them to meet project obligations. use this construction submittal register template to record required or desired submittals for a construction project. use this submittal review form as your quality assurance method for submittals materials or services proposals, or any other changes to the construction project. the smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done.