standard report template

standard report template is a standard report sample that gives infomration on standard report design and format. when designing standard report example, it is important to consider standard report template style, design, color and theme. standard reports are prebuilt report definitions that you can run to review, present, and analyze your account’s data. in many cases, you can go to the detail version of a report by first running the summary version. the reports available to you are determined by the role you use to log in to netsuite and the features enabled in your account. you cannot run more than one instance of the same report at one time. if you attempt to run a third report when two reports are already running, you receive an error. or, for some reports, you can save the report and schedule it to be run and its results emailed to you later. you can use the report builder to customize most standard reports by modifying included data or formatting options.

standard report overview

you can use the financial report builder to customize financial statements. you can set user-level preferences and company-level accounting preferences that affect report formats. after you run a report, the results page footer includes options you can set to modify report formats. this feature is available from the new report link on the reports page and reports tab menu. reconciliation history report (available by clicking the button on the reconcile bank statement or the reconcile credit card statement page) commission calculation history report (click a commission amount on a transaction line of the commission overview detail report) a/p payment history by bill report (this report is available here, for reviews of contract employees’ billings, and also is available under vendors/payables, for more general billing reviews.) if you would like a pricing report or price list, try the pricing search, available at reports > new search > pricing. cost by customer report (click an amount in the total cost column of the customer profitability summary or customer profitability detail report) vat/gst reports (the country-specific vat/gst reports are provided by the international tax reports suiteapp. tax reports (international) (the country-specific vat/gst reports are provided by the international tax reports suiteapp.)

the standard report will be automatically created for you within your survey under results > reports. the report options and bulk edit tools allow you to make global report changes that affect all the questions in your report. you can find the option to do so for all questions in your report by clicking report options > answer options. if you wish to add some text to your report, click the insert button between any two elements in your report and select text or image from the menu. this will expose the add filter button where you can select one or more of the above filtering categories. under the compare segments option in the left-hand panel you can set up segments in the standard report to compare subgroups within your data. use the insert button located between any two report elements to include a grid of your individual responses.

standard report format

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standard report guide

under report options > layout > question numbering you can choose from the below options for numbering reporting elements: have you added translations to your survey? then select the question you wish to add from the dropdown menu and click add question. if you wish to add all the questions in your survey select the add all questions option at the very bottom of the question dropdown menu. if you wish to remove your na options on a question-by-question basis go to the question in your report and click layout & options to edit. if you wish to include various statistics in your report go to report options > layout and check the statistics table option. to do so click the download button in the upper-right corner and select your desired option. old test data, that is, test data that was created prior to the release of the standard report (03/22/2015) will not display in your report.