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social media report template is a social media report sample that gives infomration on social media report design and format. when designing social media report example, it is important to consider social media report template style, design, color and theme. unlike the detailed spreadsheet or tracker you use, social media reports need a high-level overview of what worked and what didn’t, along with whether you’re hitting your goals. a social media report shows how your brand’s social media content is performing across multiple social channels like instagram, facebook, youtube, tiktok, and more. numbers: follower growth, posts published, reach, engagement, link clicks, video views, sessions, spend, and month-over-month percentage increase or decrease truly understanding how (and why) your content performs the way it does is key to building a successful social media strategy for your business. most social media platforms (like instagram) have built-in analytics tools you can use to discover your weekly numbers, which you can then manually track in a spreadsheet. then, when you’re ready to create your social media report, use this data and spotlight the most relevant metrics for your boss, team, or clients. remember: this is a monthly social media report.

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for example, if you’re looking to build awareness, your follower growth, reach, and engagement will be important metrics to track. this will make it easier for you to see all of your data in a spreadsheet format, which you can then copy and paste into your report. separating the data in this way will help you get a clear picture at first glance. this is a great time to present tweaks to your strategy. whether you’re presenting to senior leadership, giving a client update, or sharing with another department, you want your reports to be easy-to-read and easy-to-follow. monique is a content marketing manager with over 7 years of experience working in communications and social media.

imagine spending the past three months on your client’s linkedin page when none of the posts generated traffic and quality leads. in other words, these social media metrics will back up your suggestions as you move forward in the strategy (more about this in the next section). click any of the preset linkedin kpis, and dashthis will automatically grab the relevant data for your report. share your actionable insights within the report instead of explaining them in your email.

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send a draft of your report to the marketing team, social media team or other stakeholders. and click to add them, then drag and drop them anywhere you see fit in the social media report. “if there ever was a viral post with a large engagement boost, clients can see that reflected in real-time because of how close together the reports are presented.” pros: assess data on how social media accounts have grown, impressions generated, links clicked, and conversions tracked. explain your process in detail within the report—it’ll save you time from writing another email to your client. luckily, there’s dashthis to help you gather all your social media data into one beautiful analytics report (psst, you can even white-label it with our custom reports).

use your clients’ social media reports to demonstrate the ins and outs of their social media metrics for them while backing up the strategic choices your agency makes with data. an important aspect of running any kind of social media or marketing campaign is keeping your clients informed on the progress and results in a way that’s easy to digest. next up, the social media analytics report template includes a section dedicated to facebook, including facebook insights and facebook posts. the facebook posts section of the social media report template provides your agency with an overview of each of your clients’ individual post performance and engagement.

just like the other post sections in this social media report, the linkedin posts section displays a list of each post you made during the month, along with the number of comments and likes your clients are getting. and by automating the process of sending periodic reports to clients, your agency scales its operations. use your customizable social media dashboard as a starting point to effortlessly pull in key metrics, then build and schedule automated marketing reports in minutes. the reports we send to clients look a lot cleaner and professional as we’re able to white label them.