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simple financial statement template is a simple financial statement sample that gives infomration on simple financial statement design and format. when designing simple financial statement example, it is important to consider simple financial statement template style, design, color and theme. it’s easy to just say, “i’m a craftsperson and i know my craft and that’s all i need to know. i’ll just hire someone to take care of the numbers for me.” the truth is, if you are in charge of making decisions about your business, then you need to understand the basics of accounting and what each of the financial reporting statements you receive as a small business owner means. the important thing in accounting is to not let the terms and formatting of the financial information intimidate you. fixed assets are property and equipment owned by your business—things that you don’t intend to sell (furniture, manufacturing equipment, real estate, etc.). as you create your balance, remember that the left side will always equal the right side. this is called the “accounting equation.” it’s what makes your balance sheet always equal on both sides.

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the equation is this: assets = liabilities + owner’s equity here’s a sample balance sheet: the second piece of essential accounting information you need is an income statement (or profit and loss statement), which is used to track sales and expenses. the formula for calculating this is: income minus cost of sales equals gross margin, and gross margin minus fixed operating expenses equals net profit. it is important to remember that your income statement presents sales and expense activities over a period of time as opposed to your balance sheet which shows your financial condition at a point in time. in its simplest form, a cash flow statement is presented in the following format: sample cash flow statement for a new business (beginning cash balance is $0):    you can discuss your financial statements and any accounting questions you have with a business mentor (such as those available through score) or get assistance from your local small business development center. score is a resource partner with the sba. score volunteers work with the sba to provide small business mentoring and training to entrepreneurs through sba offices. funded, in part, through a cooperative agreement with the u.s. small business administration.

they are a means to record and report monetary transactions such as the sale or purchase of goods and infusion of money from creditors. a balance sheet shows assets (what you own—i.e., anything of economic value such as cash and property), liabilities (what you owe—i.e., economic benefits you owe to others such as loans and credit payments), and shareholders’ equity (the amount investors will be paid after the business is liquidated in case of bankruptcy or any such event) as of the reporting date. also known as a profit and loss (p&l) statement, an income statement shows your company’s earnings and expenses over a period—i.e., the bottom line of your company. it’s reflected at the bottom line of the income statement and is used to estimate a company’s profitability.

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a basic difference between an income statement and a cash flow statement is that the former determines if your company is making a profit, while the latter checks if your company is generating cash to fund expenses and stay operational. while the balance sheet provides a snapshot of your company’s assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity as on the reporting date, the statement of shareholders’ equity shows the value of your business after all investors/owners are paid out. retained earnings: total earnings that are retained as income and reinvested in the business after paying out dividends to shareholders. amita jain is a writer at capterra, covering the branding and accounting markets with a focus on emerging digital enablement tools and techniques.