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annual reports are a great opportunity to give an in-depth account of your achievements from the previous year. with tools like shorthand, you can set a theme to automate this across all your brand’s content, including your annual report. use this section to provide an overview of your organisation’s mission, values, and goals. with a potential link to the full pdf at the end, you could always treat this template as more of an annual report brochure.

this simple annual report template opens with space for a mission statement or personal message, and ends with a call to action and link button — so you can convert inspiration into action. slots for images and quotes mean that your annual report can represent a wide range of voices. the report ends with a call to action and link button to see more data or visit your website. the report ends with a call to action and a link for users to view full financial reports or visit your website.

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an annual report template lets you create your financial report in half the time. the final parts of the report include in-depth metrics to highlight financial and operational procedures. the business annual report template from clickup is an easy tool to gather, document, and present financial data at the end of the year. use the template to break down your entire annual report into tasks and subtasks. use the financial analysis report template from clickup to craft an up-to-date and detailed report on financial health that you can use as part of a bigger annual report.

use the progress report template to highlight wins and areas for improvement in your annual report. the annual report layout then goes on to cover key accomplishments and program activities. download the design in two clicks and instantly share it across forums from social media to your internal annual report document. this simple annual report template is best used for businesses that want to provide short insights into the business dealings of the past year. with an annual report template, you’ll update shareholders on the company’s health and financial situation faster than ever before.

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simple annual report guide

this template provides an in-depth breakdown of your organization’s financials for the previous and reporting years, so you can see changes in fiscal health over a one-year interval. use this annual sales report template to report on sales data from the past year, and also break down finances into monthly and quarterly activities. use this annual expense report template to document all profits and losses over the course of a year.

this is a simple project tracker template that you can use to list, track, and manage multiple projects. this template is useful for managing and reporting on projects within a portfolio, or when you simply need to track multiple projects simultaneously. use a year end payroll report to reconcile all the payroll information from the previous year. this report can fit in with an annual financial report and help plan the personnel budget for the upcoming year.

crafting a compelling annual report goes beyond mere financial statements; it is an opportunity to narrate the company’s journey and present a transparent view of its operations to stakeholders. your annual financial reports don’t have to be one pagers like the report infographics above. part of creating an effective slide for your simple annual report presentation is finding the right balance between text and imagery. it could be your brand colors or a color that reflects the theme or “mood” of your annual report. this annual report design uniquely embraces colors through the use of images and icons. your nonprofit has a compelling story to tell, but overloading your annual report with images can cause it to get lost in the shuffle. that simple touch elevates your report design to that of a professional designer. this nonprofit treasurer report template uses stock photos throughout the design and applies a purple overlay on each page to pull the design together. the conservative use of text on each page, along with the large fonts and negative space make the report easy to read.

this helps you create a report that is predictable and manageable for your readers. the readability of your annual report will have a lot to do with the design. for your employee reviews to be consistent and fair across the board, you need to follow a structure. ozharvest is a nonprofit that redistributes food to charities from restaurants and the like. in this annual report example from craft victoria, they use their cover to add an extra little surprise for the readers. this annual report example from brunel shows how much impact a confident design motif can have on your design. if you’re struggling to create your own nonprofit annual report template, try looking at some of the themes that run throughout your company’s mission, product and culture. the designers use pictures of fresh fruit and veggies throughout the report to give it a feeling of abundance. plus it’s easy to change the charts and graphs to reflect your data read on for annual report design tips and 55+ templates. think of it this way: an annual report is a perfect opportunity to tell your business’s story.

get started with this simple annual report template today. get started with this simple annual report template today by clicking on use this template or browse our library of 1000+ business templates to find your perfect fit. get started with this simple annual report template today. get started with this simple annual report template today by clicking on use this template or browse our library of 1000+ business templates to find your perfect fit.

this template can be fully customized. customize this unique report template today to stand out and captivate your audience. present your company’s financials and other important information with this fully customizable annual report template. people tend to see them as dry and, as a result, they stop paying attention pretty quickly – regardless of how important the story at the heart of the report happens to be. now, you can guarantee this won’t happen to you with these totally free, visually striking and wonderfully compelling report templates.