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today, seo (search engine optimization) requires a lot from marketers, and successful seo strategies rely on third-party tools and the data that they provide. with google data studio, you can build an seo dashboard that can be used to extract vital insights on how different variables of a dataset are related. the goal of seo is to generate content that fulfills what users are searching online through customized content that can be recognized as quantifiably valuable by search engines. data studio is a tool developed by google for data visualization. with google data studio, you can create a dashboard that tells you everything that you need to know about your seo. the good thing with data studio is that you can pull in your data from different data sources and use it to make an seo dashboard. this is not about rankings and traffic only, but it has to do with metrics that will show you the amount of money that seo is bringing into your business.

step 5: select the account, property, and the view that you need to connect to. you will be presented with a list of charts that you can add to your dashboard. hence, we bring to you some of the best readymade seo dashboards google data studio. it pulls data from google analytics and search console in one report, and displays the most critical information. this template is a premium seo dashboard google data studio developed especially for lead gen websites. it is a no-code data pipeline that can help you combine data from multiple sources and visualize it in data studio. it provides you with a consistent and reliable solution to managing data in real-time, ensuring that you always have analysis-ready data in your desired destination.

seo dashboard data studio overview

and we’ll use the data studio templates to craft the foundation of a complete seo dashboard. we need to visit the seo related reports inside of google analytics. google is not excited to help us with our seo reporting. many of the seo metrics we want in our dashboard are unavailable. google analytics will then display your data using the dashboard you selected from the gallery. and google data studio is where we’re going to go to build a better seo dashboard.

so, we’ll have to leave that metric out of our seo dashboard for now. to build our seo dashboard we’re going to use the google data studio search console template. and i have our query data from the google search console. you can also sort and filter the data in your reports. this filter limits the data in our reporting widget to strictly organic keywords. after completing our course, you’ll be able to set up this seo dashboard in minutes. jeff sauer is an independent digital marketing consultant, speaker and teacher based out of a suitcase somewhere in the world.

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seo dashboard data studio guide

from this article, you will learn to integrate data from rank tracker, google search console, and google analytics into google data studio and aggregate it in a single seo dashboard. thus users may consolidate and analyze all the necessary data in a single space. in this case, click the add button to create a new template. it means that the table you create will be based on the records of the first data source you add to the blend. keywords — target keywords from rank tracker typeofkeyword — defines the type of keyword (i’ll come to it a bit further) hyperkeyword — makes a keyword a hyperlink. i will need the data on clicks, impressions, and ctr from google search console.

this will give you a different view angle, as the table will base on the data from rank tracker, and show you all the target keywords with no regards to clicks or impressions. we’ll create another table and a chart that will help visualize the data better. you’ll be able to see what types of keywords bring the largest part of traffic to your website, and what pages receive the largest part of the traffic. so let’s create a couple of charts to compare the data within different periods. again, as the table comprises a huge amount of data, it’s better to filter it and analyze the data on a page level. in all my examples, i used rank tracker, as one of the data sources. however, you may add the needed data from any other seo powersuite tools to data studio dashboards.