Sales report template

Sales report template is a sample report that shows the details of sales during a period for business or sales person. A professional drafted sample sales report can help both companies and sales department to manage and trace the sales activities and performance.


Sales Report Overview

Sales report is often related to sales employee commissions. Compensation management is becoming increasingly more difficult for organizations to control because sales employees are wanting more and more. Managers need to find out what sales employees want and give it to them in a way that is fair and specific. Being specific in compensation and incentive plans is becoming the new method for managers to follow, while at the same time promoting a team atmosphere among sales employees. A sales report is an effective tracking tools for sales management.

Sales report can be an effective tool to motivate sales employees. Motivating employees in the private and public sectors can be a difficult task. Fortunately, the private sector has the ability to offer compensation plans to sales employees that involve competitive incentives. Before companies are able to offer incentives to their employees they need to decide which is the best fit and the most manageable for them. A sales report can be an excellent feedback for both management team and sales individuals.

Sales Report Template Design

There are free report template you can download for use, however, you may decide to design your own sales report template for your own organization. During the process, you need to take the sales report format, sales report layout into consideration.

The first key part in sales report template is the the background information. In the section, you need to give details of company information and department. For example, The name of report:____, Department:_____; Position:____; The Date:___.

The second key part in sales report format is details of sales report. In the section, you may give details of products, customers. For example, the Product A planned sales:___; The actual sales:___; cumulative sales of product A:____.

The last key part in sales report form is the analysis and feedback. In the second, you need to give an review of the sales performance and next planned actions. For example, the sales performance review:___; Reasons and factors for the performance:___; Competitor activity:___; Market conditions:___.