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roof inspection report template is a roof inspection report sample that gives infomration on roof inspection report design and format. when designing roof inspection report example, it is important to consider roof inspection report template style, design, color and theme. take a look at these tips equipter, the maker of the equipter 4000 lifting and dumping trailer, has put together to help you craft a simple and effective roof inspection report that resonates with your potential customer. you don’t need an english degree to give your customers clear, well-written roof inspection reports. photos of their homes increase your credibility as a professional roofing contractor. to reduce pressure on potential customers, always keep roofing estimates separate from your roof inspection reports. that’s not to say you shouldn’t have the estimate on hand if you choose to provide the inspection report in person. writing a roof inspection report is likely not your favorite task as a roofer.

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if they found your company online, they may connect your website to the roof inspection report simply through these minor details. roof inspection reports don’t have to suck hours out of your week. one roofing mobile app, iroofing, gives your company the tools needed to complete measurements, take photos, and simplify your overall roof inspection report process. using a roof inspection report template can take loads of stress off of writing a report. if you’re using roofing software that may not feature roof inspection report templates, you can find tons of free templates through a simple google search. providing a comprehensive, digestible roof inspection report helps increase your credibility with potential customers. for more information on the equipter 4000, a transformative tool in the roofing industry used from coast to coast, click here.

as a roofing contractor, you know the importance of having accurate and up-to-date records. a roof report or roofing inspection report is a document that records the current condition of a roof. this report is also used to estimate the remaining life of a roof and to determine if a roof needs to be replaced. to ensure you don’t start from scratch every time you write a roof report, you can create roof inspection report templates on datamyte and customize the form whenever you need it (more on us later). the roof report is sent to the owner or client with a complete summary of key findings from the roof inspection. the inspector should also take photos of visible defects to document the roof’s condition.

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this form should include a checklist of all the elements that need to be inspected and a section for roofing contractors to document their findings. this type of template provides a straightforward way for roofing contractors to document their findings and send them off to the client. roofing contractors typically use this template to certify that a roof has been installed or repaired according to the manufacturer’s specifications. for example, for roof inspection report templates, our digital clipboard is the perfect solution to your needs. thanks to our drag-and-drop interface, creating the ideal roof inspection report form is easy and only takes a few minutes. book a demo with us today to learn more about how the datamyte digital clipboard can help streamline your inspection process. performing a roof inspection is easy with the right template.

roofing contractors or insurance adjusters may use a roof inspection checklist to keep track of all the accessories and components that are currently installed on the roof in order to accurately calculate the cost of a repair or replacement. roof inspection checklists are extremely helpful to contractors because they keep contractors organized and save them time on the project. especially in insurance restoration jobs, inspection checklists help contractors get all the information in one shot rather than having to keep going back to the jobsite to measure and take additional photos. avoiding that kind of fire drill is reason enough to use roof inspection checklists. a roof inspection report is not necessarily the same thing. a roof inspection report is a template or form that helps identify where damage exists on a home in order to communicate those findings to the homeowner or insurance company.

besides the install, the roof inspection is the most important part of the process. the inspection determines whether the roof is damaged and warrants a claim in the first place. a thorough inspection with good documentation is critical in situations where the adjuster omits or overlooks materials or accessories that are needed to bring the roof back to pre-storm condition. this gives your new hire hands-on experience and helps train the salesperson on policies and procedures that are unique to your company. inspection checklists are especially helpful to new hires because it provides a clear framework to follow as they are learning the nuances of roofing. the self-paced, roof inspection class covers: