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recommendation in report template is a recommendation in report sample that gives infomration on recommendation in report design and format. when designing recommendation in report example, it is important to consider recommendation in report template style, design, color and theme. the following example is the recommendation report on the tablet project proposed in chapter 16. the progress report for this project appears in chapter 17. the writers include their titles and that of their primary reader. notice that the writers state that they cannot be sure whether the technical information they have found is accurate. note that the writers provide some technical information about tablet use, clinical staff attitudes, and technical characteristics of tablets. a brief statement of the methods the writers used to carry out their research. note, too, that the discussion of the methods is brief: most managers are less interested in the details of the methods you used than in your findings. note that the word currently is used to introduce the background of the study: the current situation is unsatisfactory for several reasons.

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the introduction can present the major findings of a report; technical communication is not about drama and suspense. the writers carefully explain the logic of their methods. including a page number in the cross reference to the appendix is a convenience to the reader. the function of a conclusion is to explain what the data mean. their thinking is that they are focusing less on what they did and more on the meaning of the information they gathered. presenting the percentage data in boldface after each question is a clear way to communicate how the respondents replied.

recommendation reports are texts that advise audiences about the best ways to solve a problem. subject matter experts aim to make recommendations based on the best available theory, research and practice. thus, there is no one perfect way to write a recommendation report. at center, keep the focus on what you want your audience to feel, think, and do. .

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may choose a variety of ways to organize their reports, below are some fairly traditional sections to formal recommendations reports: note: your specific rhetorical context will determine what headings you use in your recommendation report. collaboration refers to the act of working with others or ai to solve problems, coauthor texts, and develop products and services. learn about the rhetorical… information literacy refers to the competencies associated with locating, evaluating, using, and archiving information. in order to thrive, much less survive in a global information economy — an economy where information functions as a… mindset refers to a person or community’s way of feeling, thinking, and acting about a topic. the style of your writing matters because audiences are unlikely to read your work or… the writing process refers to everything you do in order to complete a writing project. writing studies also refers to a discipline, a subject of study.

for example, a company might be looking at grammar-checking software and want a recommendation on which product is the best. the structural principle fundamental to this type of report is this: you provide not only your recommendation, choice, or judgment, but also the data and the conclusions leading up to it. a critical part of recommendation reports is the discussion of the requirements you’ll use to reach the final decision or recommendation. in certain kinds of recommendation reports, you’ll need to explain how you narrowed the field of choices down to the ones you focus on in your report. in this description section, you provide a general discussion of the options so that readers will know something about them.

this can be handled with a comparative point by point option or a comparative whole to whole option depending on the situation. with the point-by-point approach, each of these comparative sections should end with a conclusion that states which option is the best choice in that particular point of comparison. in this situation, it is best to describe each option in detail, including the advantages, limitations and costs (is applicable). the conclusions section of a recommendation report is in part a summary or restatement of the conclusions you have already reached in the comparison sections. ordinarily it is, but remember that some readers may skip right to the recommendation section and bypass all your hard work!