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proposal summary template is a proposal summary sample that gives infomration on proposal summary design and format. when designing proposal summary example, it is important to consider proposal summary template style, design, color and theme. note: if you’re looking to summarize your proposal as part of an rfp response you can download our proposal executive summary template. the proposal executive summary may also be called an rfp executive summary, rfp executive brief, an executive summary of an rfp or an rfp response executive summary. with that in mind, the executive summary of your proposal presents an opportunity to differentiate your organization from your competitors. to put it simply, the executive summary is a high-level overview of your proposal. without having to read the entire thing, anyone can read the executive summary and understand the highlights of your proposal.

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similar to your rfp response, the focus of the executive summary should be the customer. the rfp executive summary isn’t the place to get into the details of every aspect of your offer. write your executive summary as if the reader has limited knowledge of the original rfp or your corresponding proposals. you’ll see in this executive summary for an rfp example that we addressed each of the customer’s needs. you can download this rfp executive summary template for a proposal in word and customize it to meet your needs. your executive summary is the most important part your rfp response.

think of your executive summary like a movie trailer. that’s why we recommend taking the time to polish the executive summary for every grant proposal you submit. since funding for good’s team has written hundreds of successful proposals, we thought we’d break down what it takes to write a winning executive summary. in a few hundred words—2-4 paragraphs—an executive summary introduces and summarizes the overall grant application. this means that the executive summary has a dual purpose. let’s look at an example of a nonprofit executive summary in action. below is an executive summary that we wrote several years ago for a successful grant proposal. so, to help you write an effective executive summary, let’s break down our example line-by-line.

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if your mission statement isn’t stellar yet, then it might be time to consider a strategic planning process for your nonprofit. since its inception, the program/project has {grown, expanded, served, etc. due to {what reason} we have a need for {what is your need for}, but lack funding to provide {it, them, etc.}. the third and final paragraph indicates how your program/project is extraordinary (this needs to be quantitative/measurable) and includes data and statistics to support the claim. for example: an executive summary can be written before or after you have drafted the full grant proposal. in most cases, however, you will want to write the executive summary after you have written the rest of the proposal. in some cases, though, writing the executive summary first can help you understand how to frame the rest of your proposal for a specific donor audience. would it be helpful to know what you need to jump in and start working on most grant applications before you begin the grant writing process?