Project status report template

Project status report template is a sample document that shows the the project status to the interest groups. The project status report need not go into details of the project as the management team may only want to see the key changes.


Project Status Report Writing

Project status report is different from project report. Project report is the written record of your entire project from start to finish. The report should be clear and detailed enough for the reader to know exactly what you did, why you did it, what the results were, whether or not the experimental evidence supported your hypothesis, and where you got your research information. On the other hand, project status report only need to summarize the key changes and milestones as the readers are already familiar with the project.

Project status report is an executive summary of the key development of the project. In your project status report, you may report the project status, the potential project risks, project budget and project issues that need the attention of management team. For example, how is the project progressing against the schedule? How is the project progressing against budget? What is the potential new issues?

Project Status Report Template Layout

There are free report template you can download for reference, however, you may create your own sample project status report template based on your own situations.

The first key section in project status report template is the project background information. In the section, you need to give the project name, project start date and ending schedule. For example, The project name:___; The Project management:____; Project finish date:___; The project status summary:___(give a summary of the project situation).

The second key part in project status report format is the details of project status. In the section, you need to describe the actions that have done in last period, the planned action next period. For example, The previous period development:____; The complete percentage:___; The planned next development:____; The actions due date:___ etc.

The last key section in project status report form is the issues and project risks. In the section, you need to state the potential risks and issues that may need the involvement of top management team. For example, the Project risks:____; The project Issues:___; The Project Comments:___.