project profile template

project profile template is a project profile sample that gives infomration on project profile design and format. when designing project profile example, it is important to consider project profile template style, design, color and theme. a few years ago, i observed a project manager with a long list of successful projects absolutely struggle with a project. we can look at just two project attributes and develop some understanding of the project. these two attributes—size and location—provide information about the project that will enable a manager in the parent organization to assign a project manager with the appropriate knowledge and skills. research by the construction industry institute (construction industry institute, 2009) indicated that the number one criterion for assignment of a project manager to a project was availability. for example, the construction of an office building in downtown philadelphia is a very different project from the construction of a chemical plant in mexico.

project profile overview

developing a project profile is one method for developing an understanding of the project that will allow a systematic approach to developing an execution plan based on the profile of the project and selecting a project manager who has the right kind of experience and skills. project profiling is the process of extracting a characterization from the known attributes of a project. you can characterize a project as domestic or global, and the location of the project becomes the profiling characteristic. the company now establishes a rule that large projects will require a project manager with at least five years experience, it will have a vice president as executive sponsor, and it will require formal quarterly reports. in this example, one characteristic is used to develop the organization’s project management approach to their twenty projects.

if human and financial resources to support project formulation are limited – which is usually the case – this aspect of the profile in acting as a ‘filter’ is very important. the profile is a simplified view of the eventual project that makes important compromises in order to reduce the complexity of the analysis and render it understandable by rural populations with no previous experience in project design or analysis. it is sufficient at this stage to estimate in general terms that the approximate cost of the workshop will be $12,500.

project profile format

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project profile guide

an example layout for the components is presented in annex 1 to this manual, and can be used as a guide when drawing out the tables on a blackboard or large sheet of paper. the section is primarily of relevance to income-generating projects, although there are some circumstances where it may prove useful to list operating costs and even income for other types of projects as well (e.g. the preliminary identification of future sources of funds for project operation and upkeep is also a very important part of profile preparation for non-income generating projects. any part of this cost not assured from outside sources will have to be met by the users of the project and/or the surrounding community.

a project profile provides a snapshot look at a project and provides valuable information in the development of the project execution plan and the assignment of resources to the project. you can characterize a project as domestic or global, and the location of the project becomes the profiling characteristic. as the project system scope became more complex and the system scope of the project became larger, more sophisticated management tools were put in place to reduce project uncertainty. as the cellular structure increases in number of cells and the number of connections to other cells increases, the plant life is seen as more complex. a project is more or less complex in relation to the number of activities, the type and strength of relationships to other project activities, and the degree and type of relationships to the project environment. the added complexity of the project offset the scheduling and cost benefit. in addition to responding to changes in the project environment, the internal project organization and environment is in a constant state of change. an increase in the number of events within the project and the project environment that are likely to change during the life of the project is reflected in an increase in the complexity of a project. the darnall-preston complexity index (dpci™) is designed to develop a project profile that reflects different aspects of the project that will influence the approach to leading and executing the project. the size of a project is determined by the context of the industry and the experience of the team executing the project. both smaller and larger projects that fall outside the comfort zone of the project management team will create stress for the project.

the result of this six-week compression to the project schedule is additional stress on the project. a consultant was asked to evaluate the likelihood of success of a large project in philadelphia. the lack of clarity and the amount of time needed by the leadership team to develop a clear scope will add to the project complexity. an increase in the number of stakeholders adds stress to the project and influences the project’s complexity level. the technology of a project refers to the product of the project and not the technology used to manage the project. the project environment includes all the issues related to the environment that will influence the development and execution of the project plan. understanding the legal issues than can affect the project and developing a plan to address these issues will reduce the complexity of the project. these issues require project leadership to resolve and they add to the project complexity. this additional stress on project leadership time and resources adds complexity to the project. the project team develops means and methods to minimize the impact of the disruption in a manner consistent with the requirements as communicated by the client. information derived from the complexity profile can be used in the selection of the project manager, the project leadership team, and the execution approach to the project and in the analysis of the project risk. the rating for environmental complexity is emphasized with bold font to indicate there is a significantly higher individual rating that should be considered, as shown in figure 2.13 “ratings that contain higher individual ratings are bold”.