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project closure template is a project closure sample that gives infomration on project closure design and format. when designing project closure example, it is important to consider project closure template style, design, color and theme. project closure is the last stage of a project, when you tie up loose ends, communicate your results, and debrief with your team. following a predefined project closure process ensures that your work is complete and that you haven’t forgotten any tasks in your project plan. to close your project properly, you should communicate to stakeholders that you’ve accomplished the goal and scope of your project (i.e. regardless of the goal-setting methodology you use, objectives define what success looks like for your project and give you a clear target to aim for.

project closure overview

for example, imagine your development team just finished a website redesign project, and you realize you didn’t complete a task to update banner images on the site. if you want your team to provide feedback during a post-mortem, now is the time to let them know so they can start preparing. regardless of the format, be sure to include the following information:  a final report, including a summary of what your project accomplished, how it performed compared to the goals you set, and any key successes or failures. creating a roadmap for future improvements ensures that you continue to improve and iterate on your final deliverable and project management processes. now you can move on to your next initiative with peace of mind, knowing that everything is taken care of and you have a concrete plan for next steps.

there must be a plan in place for continuing maintenance of the project or product. the culture of a team and an organization may be defined by how well a project is completed. closing a project puts an end to any loose threads and allows you to evaluate the lessons learned. to make a formal presentation to senior management, it’s critical that team members be made aware of where the report can be found. when the project is over, it’s a good moment to reflect on what you’ve learned without the temptation and interruptions that could have gotten in the way. any project that comes to an end generates a plethora of information.

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this means that the team members you would like to work with are influenced by the type of project you’re working on and how unique it is. all of the pieces of the puzzle must fit together in order for a project to be completed successfully. the greatest way to close a project is over a long period of time. write out a summary of the project closing objectives and the steps you’ve taken to reach them. when a project has a terrific crew, the work gets done swiftly and effortlessly. when a project comes to an end, it’s a chance for everyone to shine, not just the project manager.

you and your team have gotten the deliverables approved and all the items in your project plan have been checked off. but, there is a lot of stodgy work like approvals, signatures, payments, and paperwork that makes the project closing phase equally important in project management. the project closure phase is a process in itself. is it when the clients or the end customers have started using the outcome of your project? there are countless examples of projects that exceeded their budget and project schedules and yet are considered successful. a rule of thumb to determine success is that if the desired quality was achieved and the business results were satisfactory. it’s sometimes the case that deliverables are transferred over the course of the project or when project milestones are reached.

the invoices are paid, the project objectives have been met, and everyone agrees that the contract has been fulfilled. hold a reflection meeting after the completion of the project in order to contemplate their successes and failures during the project. revisit each project phase and determine how work progressed, the mistakes made, and the things that were done right. notify the external vendors and contractors about the completion of the project. but, you’d have generated a trove of documentation, starting from the project initiation phase. show your appreciation to the folks that were committed to the success of the project. highlight the lessons you learned along the way and show them that you’re interested in working with the team again on a different project.