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production report template is a production report sample that gives infomration on production report design and format. when designing production report example, it is important to consider production report template style, design, color and theme. for purposes of this example, we’re going to combine the baking and packaging departments into one cost center. before we examine subsequent departments, let’s review the production cost report from the first stage of production—the mixing department for the month of january: preparing the production cost report for subsequent departments is similar to preparing the report for the first department, with the addition of a column for costs transferred in. so, the beginning inventory of zero plus the 2,250 pie shells transferred in from the mixing department during the month gives us a total number of units to account for of 2,250. in subsequent departments like these, the units are then broken down into three categories: transferred in, direct materials, and conversion costs. the 2,000 units that have been transferred out are 100% complete, so the equivalent units and the actual physical units are the same. in this case, since materials are all added at the end of the process, the equivalent units for direct materials is 0% of the actual units, but the equivalent units for the conversion costs allocation is 20% of actual units or 50 eus.

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remember, equivalent units will be used to come up with an overall allocation rate that will then be used to allocate total costs between products completed and transferred out and products still in the process. from the accounting records, we see that total direct materials used in january by the baking/packaging department were $600, and direct labor and manufacturing overhead totaled $4,100. total costs of $9,650 are the $4,950 transferred in from the mixing department plus the $4,700 incurred in baking and packaging. notice that under this equivalent units method of allocating costs, no direct materials were allocated to ending work in process because the eus were zero. before we examine the fifo method, let’s complete the production cost report for this department and check your understanding of how subsequent departments differ from the first department.