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probation report template is a probation report sample that gives infomration on probation report design and format. when designing probation report example, it is important to consider probation report template style, design, color and theme. typically at the initial meeting, the probation officer will conduct an interview with the defendant to gather the follow information: during the presentence investigation, a probation officer will interview other persons who can provide pertinent information, including the prosecutor, law enforcement agents, victims, mental health and substance abuse treatment providers, and the defendant’s family members, associates and employer. when possible, the probation officer conducts a home visit to meet the defendant and the defendant’s family at his/her residence. it is the responsibility of the probation officer assigned to a presentence investigation to assist the court by verifying, evaluating, and interpreting the information gathered, and to present the information to the court in an organized, objective presentence report.

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the presentence report helps the court fashion appropriate and fair sentences and is used by probation officers later assigned to supervise the offender. the supervision officer uses the information contained in the presentence report as part of a comprehensive approach to assess risks posed by, and the needs of, offenders under supervision. probation officers conducting the presentence investigation and preparing the presentence report play an integral role in the federal sentencing process. the officer must be prepared to discuss the case with the sentencing judge, to answer questions about the report that may arise during the sentencing hearing, and on rare occasions to testify in court as to the basis for the factual findings and guideline applications set forth in the presentence report.

§ 3563(b)(15), the court may provide that the defendant “report to a probation officer as directed by the court or the probation officer.” you must report to the probation office in the federal judicial district where you are authorized to reside within 72 hours of your release from imprisonment, unless the probation officer instructs you to report to a different probation office or within a different time frame.1   1 this condition applies to defendants released to the community after a period of imprisonment. for probation cases, the condition is: “you must report to the probation office in the federal judicial district where you are authorized to reside within 72 hours of the time you were sentenced, unless the probation officer instructs you to report to a different probation office or within a different time frame.” 2 under 18 u.s.c.

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§ 3624(c)(3), the united states probation system shall, to the extent practicable, offer assistance to an inmate during this period of prerelease custody. 3 this may occur for numerous reasons including when defendants have local, state, or federal detainers for new crimes or violations during prior terms of community release; when defendants have immigration detainers; when the bureau of prisons determines that inmates are not in need of reentry services; and when the bureau of prisons determines that inmates present a risk to community safety. the purpose of this site is to provide information from and about the judicial branch of the u.s. government.

a probationer who claims he went to three job interviews last week when he didn’t, for example, is likely to be in violation of his probation supervision conditions not only because he didn’t attend the interviews but also because he was dishonest with his po. for example, let’s say you are performing an unannounced home visit in a state where possession of medical marijuana is legal with a medical card and you spy a bag of marijuana in the house of your probationer. such an account is also likely to be sufficient, along with a quick phone call to see if there is a mary jane who works as an elementary school teacher in the local district, to convict pauly for possession of marijuana should you or local law enforcement choose to proceed with such a criminal charge.

this puts the probation officer in the role of reporter—providing information received from a probationer to law enforcement. the real protection you have to fall back on is your report and the details it contains, along with other cumulative reports from prior cases which can show lack of bias. if you feel a violent offender is likely to reoffend, putting the appropriate details in your reports can help you make a case for revocation of probation later. she has special interests in the field of probation, probation officer safety and mathematical analysis of risk.