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preventive maintenance report template is a preventive maintenance report sample that gives infomration on preventive maintenance report design and format. when designing preventive maintenance report example, it is important to consider preventive maintenance report template style, design, color and theme. pm compliance is one tool maintenance teams can use to track the effectiveness of their preventive maintenance program and the efficiency of their processes. to calculate pm compliance, first start by dividing the total number of completed preventive maintenance work orders by the total number of scheduled work orders within a defined period. to calculate your pm compliance for the month, you would divide 40 by 50 and multiply the result by 100. your pm compliance would be 80%. pm compliance is most effective when used to improve a facility’s preventive maintenance program with the goal of reducing downtime. preventive maintenance programs have been shown to reduce downtime by up to 20% annually, and tracking pmc is one way to determine if a pm program is working well or not. conducting a pm compliance analysis helps maintenance teams target areas of weakness in their preventive maintenance program.

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pm compliance can be used to analyze the existing preventive maintenance tasks at your facility and determine if they are still relevant. that’s a substantial amount of time and money dedicated to these tasks. reasons can include everything from a breakdown somewhere in the work order process to a lack of spare parts or a shortage of labour. knowing where your resources and processes are lacking can help you find a solution and get your pms back on schedule so critical assets get the attention they deserve. keeping track of pm compliance is a good way to avoid being penalized during an audit and can be a way to prove to auditors that your organization is working by the book. however, a fractured preventive maintenance strategy can actually open the door to more breakdowns.

if you’re like many business owners and organization leaders, you know that preventative maintenance is necessary but may not be confident that maintenance is being performed properly. read more to learn how you can ensure preventative maintenance improves and maintains the performance and longevity of your hvac system. regular preventative maintenance is beneficial for several reasons. for example preventative maintenance:   ensures reliability – your system ideally should be checked at least twice in the year. this will guarantee your system is in optimal condition before the peak usage months of the year. when the system is thoroughly cleaned and maintained, energy costs will decrease while indoor comfort increases. preventative maintenance should include cleaning your equipment’s accumulated allergens like dust, dirt, and pollen for the cleanest and highest-quality indoor air possible. an hvac system is a large expense and thorough preventative maintenance is critical to protect that investment.

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investing in preventative maintenance is minimal compared to expensive repairs or replacements on systems that aren’t regularly maintained. comprehensive preventative maintenance is more than just a ‘tune-up’ or visual inspection. simply looking at the quality of an hvac system is far from enough to ensure it’s running well. you should always receive clear and simple communication to know where exactly you stand with your equipment’s condition and if to expect repairs or replacements. leading mechanical service providers will even go the extra mile by providing photographic evidence of individual system components to show their physical condition and wear from usage over time. how do you know, though, that technicians are truly utilizing a task-by-task list during scheduled maintenance visits? that’s why trimark mechanical provides photos that show you before and after on equipment as well as any specific measurements that provide proof of a properly functioning hvac system. at trimark mechanical, we strive to keep your equipment running efficiently and be your trusted partner for any critical issues or replacements.

the way i’d advise documenting preventive maintenance is with a cmms or other form of work order management software, but the exact shape that takes may depend on your size, industry, and so forth. a cmms makes it very easy to assign tickets to your technicians, receive pm reports on work completed for each asset, and store that data in one place. regardless of the system you use, the core of pm documentation is your work orders and pm reporting. the maintenance supervisor assigns that work order to a technician every wednesday, who goes and conducts the tasks prescribed. anything recorded on the work order should be entered in, making it available to the maintenance planner and manager whenever it’s needed.

points you might need to cover include: part of the goal of your training is to get your team in the habit of recording work orders in your cmms. to help them get to that point, training should include: as you get your team in the habit of recording work orders as they’re completed, follow up with them on a regular basis. your maintenance planner will typically be the one to review data in your cmms. automating your pm documentation will ease the burden on your maintenance team and make it much more likely to be consistently implemented. your asset and equipment data doesn’t belong in a silo.