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post mortem meeting template is a post mortem meeting sample that gives infomration on post mortem meeting design and format. when designing post mortem meeting example, it is important to consider post mortem meeting template style, design, color and theme. post-mortem meetings review a project from start to finish to determine what went right and what can be improved. your agenda will likely include: to save time, you may consider sending out an anonymous survey to your meeting participants before the post-mortem to ask them their opinions of what worked and what didn’t. the moderator’s job is to keep the meeting on topic, send out the agenda before the meeting, and give a high-level recap of the project. this is especially important if you’ve decided to ban laptops and phones from the post-mortem review. having a post-mortem helps your team zoom out to see the end result of all that hard work, and that ultimately boosts their morale.

post mortem meeting overview

there’s a huge benefit to creating a ritual that signals the end of a project. your post-mortem meeting signals to your team that the project is fully done: there’s no need to worry about loose ends or wake up in a cold sweat at night over the deadline. or perhaps, after a bit of time to mull the meeting over, members of your team may come up with ideas and insights that they wish to add later. post-mortem analysis is a healthy, necessary way to keep your team constantly improving. these post-mortem meetings can unlock the efficiency you’ve always dreamed of fostering in your teams and transform your teams into creative juggernauts.

to help your team get the most out of your project post-mortem meetings, we’ve shared some basic guidelines. a project post-mortem is a meeting that typically happens at the end of a project to evaluate its successes and pitfalls. these pulse-checks will give your team the chance to better understand how a project is progressing – and hopefully identify potential issues before they cause permanent damage. using a pre-meeting questionnaire means everyone on your team has an equal opportunity to share their thoughts, and no stray detail flies under the radar. for example, if a project required the creatives on your team to work around the clock to get their deliverables done on time, why did this happen?

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post mortem meeting guide

the goal of a project post-mortem is to constructively evaluate what the project’s team accomplished, and what could have been done better. this should be a straightforward evaluation of whether or not the project met your team’s metrics for success. the end result of the questionnaire and meeting should be a post-mortem document outlining conclusions of the inquiry and actionable takeaways for the future. circulate the post-mortem roundup document to participants to get their sign-off. for instance, did you have a delivery date for the client to share their personas, but no review time built-in? a post-mortem meeting will help your team continuously improve on your process.

the end of a project is a wonderful time. the post-mortem is a forum for you, your team, your stakeholders, and your clients to analyze all aspects of a project after it’s finished. without a clear goal, it’s hard to justify holding the meeting in the first place. so when it comes to hosting a productive post-mortem meeting, approach it the same way you would any other important meeting: prepare, stay focused, and follow up. the goal is to gather a list of discussion points, rather than to have that in-depth discussion now. and prepare a follow-up email to reign in the stragglers.

there are several ways to make sure your meeting doesn’t turn into a big moan session and ends with your team feeling encouraged and inspired. one way to ensure neutrality is to bring in a moderator. this helps keep things positive and gives your team something to work toward, rather than something to ruminate over. you should have an agenda in place to keep the meeting on track. take these tips to the next level by creating a post-mortem meeting template to keep your analyses easy to track and compare from one project to the next. another way to improve your project’s chance of success is to invest in a project management tool that helps you track project progress and communicate with your team in real time.