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pms report template is a pms report sample that gives infomration on pms report design and format. when designing pms report example, it is important to consider pms report template style, design, color and theme. manufacturers are required to summarise the results and conclusions of the post-market activities which have been conducted in accordance with a pms plan and record a rationale and description of any further corrective or preventive actions which may need to be taken. for class i medical devices and class a and b ivds, the report takes the form of a post-market surveillance report. the pms report is described briefly, with very few specifics, in article 85 and article 80 of the eu mdr and ivdr, respectively. the pms report shall be provided to the competent authority, upon request and should therefore be updated at regular intervals. the manufacturer is expected to provide a psur for each device, and where relevant for each category or group of devices.

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manufacturers of class iii and implantable medical devices, as well as class d ivds will be required to upload the latest psur to eudamed, when this function becomes available. the pms report and psur are intended to be single, stand-alone documents for a particular reporting interval, based on cumulative data. the benefit-risk needs to be determined based on all acquired data, present and past. the pms report and psur are critical elements of compliance with the eu mdr 2017/745 and ivdr 2017/746. we have the expertise and resources to prepare either of these documents for your products.

pms is a regulatory requirement in significant markets, including the european union (eu) and the united states (us). pms refers to monitoring a medical device post-market for safety and is part of pharmacovigilance, or drug and device safety. pms is a critical part of a device’s lifecycle: monitoring the device in use by a larger population provides much more data and information than that collected in the clinical trial phase.

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eu-mdr is one of the first regulations to document expectations for reassessment of calculated risk ratios during the development of a device with real world vigilance and sales data in the post-market phase. you can access the us requirements via these links to the pertinent sections of the code of federal regulations (cfr) and the us food and drug administration (fda): in short, a device’s class determines requirements, with higher-risk devices more likely to require pms. with the deadline to comply with the eu mdr only a short time away, manufacturers must act quickly to understand pms requirements and develop a plan. castor is a trusted partner with deep expertise in clinical trials for the medical device market, one that can help you optimize pms elements within eu mdr and us regulatory guidance.