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photo report format

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create consistent report content. quickly add photos, draw on photos and add comments. our text editor is second to none. my primary way to communicate observations is using marked up and captioned photos. fastphotoreport is one of the tools i use and is fast becoming my first and primary means of generating field reports as it is effective and time saving. ” “fastphotoreports has allowed us to provide our customers with before and after photo reports of our duct cleaning services. we are able to create this report in just 10 minutes. once i figure out how to handle my reporting with this program, the opportunities are endless.” “fastphotoreports has taken what used to require 4 different programs including word and excel, running with advanced paid-for plug-ins, extensions, and macros, and has stream-lined that production process into one single program. the output is a cleaner report, in less time, and now we’re able to put the report generation directly into the hands of the inspector. through the use of the advanced features, such as drop-downs and comments, we’ve been able to create templates that increase productivity, reduce errors, and create consistency across multiple projects.