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[3] jacob fink started the company in 1922 to supply small grocery stores with paper bags. [3] the company was formally incorporated in 1951. fink filed for worker’s compensation as an employee of the company. a court ruling in 1932 ruled on behalf of the insurance company and fink was denied the wages. [7] during his years leading the company, fink oversaw a merger, an acquisition and a move to the company’s present location 215 vine street.

[3] in january 2021, the company purchased american janitor and paper supply company located on sanderson avenue in scranton. [13] in december of 1977, jerome fink purchased a series of parcels and buildings adjacent to 215 vine in downtown scranton. [14] the company has been in the same 255,000 square foot building on vine street since the 1970s. [17] the producers visited pennsylvania paper and supply company and interviewed members of the company as part of their research. [3] the building is annually among the top 10 places to visit for fans of the office.

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with 100 years in business, we have the experience to tackle and problem you face. his contributions have revolutionized the foodservice and packaging industries, ensuring that our utensils and equipment remain durable and resistant to stains and rust. â  let’s celebrate these achievements and continue to foster a culture of innovation and diversity as we honor incredible african american inventors who have left an indelible mark in history.

so, take a minute and indulge in the satisfying sounds of bubble wrap and honeycomb wrapping paper and kick off the new year by upgrading to a sustainable alternative. let’s start a conversation and find the perfect packaging solution for your needs. make a difference, one step at a time; start with your floor care program and join the journey to a greener, healthier future. the hydra2 can streamline your packaging line with precision and speed, while helping your business meet sustainability targets.

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