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how to create a simple order form in excel, with a drop down list of products. in the screen shot below, you can see the completed order form, with drop down lists to select products. next, follow the steps below to create a lookup table with product names and prices. the product list is now formatted as a table, with an outline, and drop down arrows in the heading row. the next step is to create drop down lists on the order form sheet, to make it easy to enter a product.

formulas in column c will return the price for each product selected in the order form. quantity will be entered in column d, and the row total calculated in column e. the formula is wrapped with an if formula, to prevent a zero calculation if no product has been selected in a row. then, select a customer name on the order form, and have their address fill in automatically. to add an enhancement to the completed order form, follow the steps below, to add a bill to section, to the right of the ship to section. note: this optional feature and the macro are in the billing address sample file. these names will be used in the check box macro.

it demonstrates the use of drop-down data validation and vlookups to return prices from a price list. be advised that while we use part numbers in this example, it’s just to ease data entry. you can omit the part number column and use the description column, but i don’t recommend it if your descriptions are long. if you put your part numbers in a column to the right of your other data, vlookups don’t work and then you have to get into all those messy index and match formulas instead. if your order form or invoice form is for internal use only, then you can go ahead and put your cost for your part numbers, too. if you are following our directions here instead of using your own part numbers, you’ll want to select column a, and hit format cells, choose custom format, and type in 0000, as shown. click on cell a2, and hit shift+ctrl then hit your down arrow one time. from the menu, choose insert name define and name it partnos, with no spaces.

this should select all your data in the price list. hit ok. copy the headings from your pricelist sheet over to your orderform sheet. then select column a and insert a new column by hitting insert column. format the part number column the same way your part numbers are formatted on the pricelist worksheet. (you can use the format painter!) choose list from the drop-down and type: =partnos select row 201. hit shift+ctrl plus your down arrow key, and then hit format row hide. select cells a2 through b200 and hit format cells, choose the protection tab, and unlock the cells. go to tools protection, protect sheet and (add a password if you like and) hit ok. type a quantity into cell a2, and choose a part number from the drop-down in b2. the formulas, functions and visual basic procedures on this web site are provided “as is” and we do not guarantee that they can be used in all situations.

how to create a simple order form in excel. video and written steps. select product from drop down list, formulas show prices. download free order form templates in excel, word, pdf, google docs, and smartsheet formats. this tutorial walks you through all the steps towards creating an order form or invoice form in microsoft excel. it demonstrates the use of drop-down data, .

purchase order – download a free purchase order template for excel – a simple way to create a purchase order form for your business. download a free work order form template for excel to create and customize work orders for your business. when you need to make a note of several orders, your best bet might be to use an order form like the ones found on exceltemplates.net. there are many types of, .

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