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in this article, we’ve gathered a variety of free, one-page business plan templates for you to download in excel, word, and pdf formats. this one-page business plan is designed for a nonprofit organization, with space to detail your mission, vision, and purpose statements, as well as who you serve, the problem(s) you solve, and programs and resources you offer. use this one-page small business plan template to outline the essential aspects of your business strategy.

a one-page business plan takes a standard business plan and extracts the fundamental aspects, then condenses the essential information down to one page. since a one-page plan omits many of the details provided in a traditional business plan, be sure you have market research and other supporting documentation on hand to show stakeholders in case they have questions as they review your plan. if you are looking for a business plan template by file type, visit our pages dedicated specifically to microsoft excel, microsoft word, and adobe pdf business plan templates.

you can also keep your single-page plan on hand to keep you laser-focused on the scope and objectives of your business at all times. a one-page plan provides you with an overview of everything you need to consider about your business venture. before you write a one-page business plan, it’s helpful to get familiar with the various types of templates available and decide which one is best for your needs.

this type of one-page business plan focuses on what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, rather than analysis and projections. has created a one-page business plan template to help you create an effective one-page business plan that will keep your goals and targets at the front of your mind as you grow your business. the primary characteristics of a one-page business plan are clarity and brevity. anyone who picks up your one-page plan should quickly get a clear idea of what your business does, its goals, and how you plan to achieve them.

in this article, we’ve gathered a variety of free, one-page business plan templates for you to download in excel, word, and pdf formats. download, edit, and send this professionally-designed business plans template for pdf & word in minutes. save time and money without sacrificing quality. create and maintain a one-page business plan template that keeps you aligned with your goals at all times, from the team at, .

want to start a new business and need a quick and simple business plan? here are some one-page business plan templates for new entrepreneurs. start your business plan with a one-page business plan template. save time by downloading a free and easy one page template that will simplify your idea. instead of starting from scratch, use our free single page business plan pdf template to outline company goals in a professional, accessible pdf document., .

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