obsidian day planner template

this is an early alpha of version of the plugin and it will be running constantly in the background while obsidian is open and the plugin is enabled. once installed, the plugin will create a folder called day planners in the root of your vault. a note for today will automatically be created with the file name format day planners/day planner-yyyymmdd.md. here is an example: the day planner heading and — rule are used to identify the extent of the day planner. the format of the task list items is important as this is what is used to calculate the times of each task and the intervals between tasks. the format used should be: nested checklist items or bullets are now also supported to capture sub-tasks of a timed task. break and end are keywords that define breaks and the end to the time tracking for the tasks.

both break and end keywords are configurable and can be customized in day planner settings tab. the show the day planner timeline command can be used to add a vertical timeline view display the tasks for today’s day planner with a line showing the current time. commands are used to insert a day planner for today within any note as well as unlinking the day planner for today from its current note. the day planner can be placed anywhere within a note as long as the format provided is used. only the day planner section of the note will be updated as time progresses. a css file with examples for the task and breaks sections is provided: as of version 0.9.7 of obsidian, this plugin is available to be installed directly from within the app. the plugin can be found in the community plugins directory which can be accessed from the settings pane under third party plugins.

you may be tempted to curse my name for using the word “simple” in the headline and then proceeding to show you something that looks anything but. that’s what i called it for the two years that the archive was my plain text notes driver, and it’s the way i think of it today. it really is the hub of the projects i’m working on, and it’s the capture-point of thoughts or information i want to access at a later time. i’ve added locations and summary because i like to use the dataview plugin to see a single page summary of the things i’ve done and places i’ve been for certain date ranges.

this line provides links to my year overview page, quarter overview page, and to each month of the current year. change the order of the day, month, and year to suit your preferences. i’m choosing to use an older version of admonition so i can control the name and colour of the block. i like to separate my intentions for the month (and week) into personal and work lists. because my daily note — my captain’s log — is tailored to the way i work and the way i think, i look forward to using it every day.

this repository contains a plugin for obsidian for day planning and managing pomodoro timers from a task list in a markdown note. this is an early alpha of create your daily, weekly and monthly template files, then go to the periodic notes plugin preferences and use the dropdown lists to assign your templates to this video will talk you through how i use daily notes to stay organized. timelog. the first thing i do every day is sit down and use the day, obsidian day planner calendar, obsidian day planner calendar, obsidian day planner alternative, obsidian templates, obsidian-day planner not working.

go back to our daily notes and insert a day planner section by hitting command-p to open up the command palette. search for day planner and obsidian folder in the vault and under plugins but i don’t see the template so i’m deleting the above lines and have a shortcut tied to alfred not a big deal as the month index stays the same on all planning pages. i add the weeks in manually beneath the large date, then copy-paste, daily planner obsidian, obsidian daily routine.

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