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the form i-9 verifies a new employee’s identity and their eligibility to work in the united states. it has an employee and employer section, with employees required to complete their portion by the first day of their employment. you’ll need to let your state government know that you’ve made a new hire to stay compliant with the personal responsibility and work opportunity reconciliation act of 1996 (prwora).

the following are forms that are not required by any governing bodies, but are important to successfully onboarding new employees to your company. this is a simple form with the contact name, phone, email, and relationship to the employee. it’s one thing to have handy resources (like this) to double-check that you know about the forms you need after you make a hire, and it’s another to create a process so you don’t have to repeat your work for each new hire you make. we use our own onboarding platform so the new hire forms are automatically stored in an electronic employee record, but you can also check out form builders like jotform to create online versions of your pdf documents.

after the initial screening and possibly several rounds of interviews for hiring new employees, you’ve finally found one applicant who passes all the criteria. if only things were that simple for the hr team. there are many steps involved in onboarding the new employee. before you take any further steps, the new must get oriented with a written collection of coordinated procedures and policies that can help the employee adjust to his role in terms of socialization and the tasks he needs to accomplish.

this is also referred to as “onboarding.” to make sure that the new hire can benefit from this process, you should create a new hire checklist to streamline the process. the design of a well-made new hire orientation checklist should also consider the employee’s journey where all possible obstacles to his success are eliminated. for the employer, the process begins even before the new hire’s first day at work: a new hire who can quickly adjust to the work environment will become a more productive employee. here are the important parts of a new hire checklist to include: a new hire checklist is a great help as it will ensure that no important steps get omitted when introducing new hires to the office. the new hire forms checklist becomes more significant if you’re new to hr and hiring an employee for the first time.

learn everything you need to know about new hire forms in this how-to guide from the hiring experts at careerplug. plus: free new hire form there are so many things that you need to consider before and after hiring new employees. our great new hire checklists templates will help you with that! a strong employee onboarding program (and the onboarding template you use to this is a snippet of our onboarding process template for each new hire., .

discover employee onboarding checklist. download excel and google sheets template, pdf, png, and ensure that you are ready to welcome a new our checklist makes it easy for you to keep track of what’s needed, it ensures you don’t miss important steps when adding new employees. ☐ orientation documents filed. ☐ employee information entered in hris & payroll systems. ☐ state new hire reporting completed. received from employee: ☐, .

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