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monthly safety report in template is a monthly safety report in sample that gives infomration on monthly safety report in design and format. when designing monthly safety report in example, it is important to consider monthly safety report in template style, design, color and theme. one of the more tedious areas of ehs management is deciding how you’ll report your performance to senior leadership. once that is done, you can take the information you compile as a team and combine it into one master report that you submit monthly to upper management. in each section of this post, we’ll walk through the types of information you should consider adding to your report. here are some metrics that you can use to communicate your site’s performance in this area. they are a lagging indicator of how your site’s risk prevention strategies are/are not working.

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an example of this would be a team member who superficially cuts themselves and needs a band-aid but no further treatment for their cut. it’s important to inform upper management of any pending or ongoing lost time injury cases. a monthly safety report should include a list of all the recordable incidents for that month. also, think about including your determined root causes for each incident and share the steps you’re taking to prevent them in the future. create space in your safety report to highlight things like: you may also want to provide updates on the activities that your safety committee is working on or to shout out individual members of your team. this is your chance to notify upper management of any barriers your department is facing.

depending upon your selection, the page will redirect to the weekly report or monthly reports page where all available reports are listed in reverse chronological order. weekly & monthly reports provide a breakdown of safety action items completed by personnel that are scheduled within safety campaigns. the project reports will also show the actions of personnel who have not had campaigns assigned to them. if safety actions have not been assigned to individual personnel, the number of completed actions will show over zero and the total percentage will show as n/a.

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each row will display a personnel’s action item breakdown by providing the total completed vs. the total required for the week or month. it shows 2/0 to account for those actions while displaying n/a because there was none assigned. the total percentage then shows as 100% with a total of 3/2 actions completed to account for the extra meeting. each row will display a project’s action item breakdown by providing the total of assigned actions that were completed vs. the total required for the week or month. unlike project reports, group reports will not account for actions completed outside of those which were assigned within safety campaigns.

these metrics help you ensure you’re tracking the right objectives in your department and making a noticeable impact on your organization’s health and safety program. take a look at our top five kpis to bolster your safety reports. if you see a decrease in the number of incidents after implementing a certain process or precaution, you might be inclined to say that something’s working well. it’s also important to realize how a particular issue was averted to raise safety awareness of the problem and help others avoid it in the future. for example, if you see a high number of incidents and a low number of inspections compared to another year, it could indicate that a lack of inspections might be a culprit behind the increase in incidents. staying on top of which team members have up-to-date training certificates and which ones are about to expire can help managers take a proactive approach in improving workplace safety and compliance.

staying on top of this valuable component shows your commitment to maintaining a safe workplace and can help inspire others to do the same. the more you can engage them in workplace safety, the more likely they are to follow through, stick to the rules, and encourage others to do the same. for example, your training might be computer-automated, but safety meetings might rely on a manual sign-in sheet. creating a single way to document engagement can help you better identify workers who are actively involved in the safety culture. you may find other important metrics to include, but the above five will give you data-driven insights into your health and safety program to help you make educated decisions for improvements and advancements. drop us a comment below or reach out to our team to learn how you can strengthen your safety reports.