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monthly marketing report template is a monthly marketing report sample that gives infomration on monthly marketing report design and format. when designing monthly marketing report example, it is important to consider monthly marketing report template style, design, color and theme. we’ve put together nine marketing report templates for your daily, weekly, and monthly reporting. for example, you’re able to see the impact of marketing initiatives and long-term projects. an seo report is where you can show how your website is performing in terms of seo metrics. a backlink report is specific to backlinks—an important ranking factor and metric for measuring a website’s overall quality. your post can go viral and bring hundreds of new followers and comments. a great report takes it one step further and tells the story of that data over a particular time period in relation to a goal. the report needs to present the right data to answer these questions in a way the client will comprehend and not be overwhelmed by.

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finally, a great report should be able to stand on its own, without the need for an in-person meeting all the time.” “i deal with both reports that are sent to me and those that need to be delivered to the client. even if you deal with a great marketing manager, they need to get approval for the budget from someone who doesn’t know the difference between bounce and exit rate. if we are doing well, or we need to put more resources into the client, or the monthly report will be ugly. it needs to reflect both the interest and knowledge level of your partners in a way that presents the information they want to see and not so much that it is overwhelming. brand your report and add color to make the data a little more exciting. to that report, add processes for middle management users, such as conversion paths and attribution models. even just a short phrase at the end of each dashboard, such as: ‘invest more advertising budget on mobile devices, which drive the best conversion rates.’ this makes the role of the analyst more pragmatic and results-oriented. data visualization: turn data into visual insights, seeking a compromise between creativity and simplicity.

often created by the marketing team in agencies, the goal of a monthly report is to communicate to decision-makers what’s trending, the return on investment, and what needs to be done to improve future marketing efforts. easy, share with the client your strategies to optimize their marketing performance—improving the user experience and writing targeted content come to mind—and back them up with the visual kpis above. that way, you can analyze all important metrics across multiple marketing channels (i.e., paid search, organic search, social media, email, you name it) within the same interface. for instance, if it’s a ppc campaigns report, you’ll want to add headers for your google ads (formerly adwords) and bing. all widgets are set up based on the most commonly used kpis on dashthis.

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spotlight your best-performing content and pair them up with visual examples—this is especially important for social media and ppc campaigns. similarly, add a comment at the end of your monthly marketing report to share the next steps in your marketing strategy. the kpis transactions (trend), transactions (goal), and revenue per visit, among other web analytics (not pictured), help you identify the culprits behind your low sales. the breakdown of video views and campaigns makes for valuable insights when expanding your reach in a social media marketing strategy. there are the top queries according to the number of clicks, the best-performing landing pages, and more. this post was updated on november 2021. the original article was written by michelle kelly, a marketer with over 15 years of digital marketing experience and five years of hands on dashboard experience with dashthis monthly report software, michelle’s agency and client-side roles have helped her to customize hundreds of dashboards for a variety of industries and target audiences.

depending on your activity and the marketing activities you are doing, there are various types of reports you can use to track progress. paid advertising is one of the most important types of marketing used to increase traffic and conversions for brands. with this facebook ads marketing report template, you can track various metrics, monitor your campaigns’ performance, and identify the most profitable assets to spend your budget wisely. then you need an email marketing reporting template to ensure that your campaigns have a good open rate and that the number of subscribers is constantly increasing. we’ve included a digital marketing reporting template that contains various marketing tactics and channels so you can have a complete overview of your performance. as an option, though, you can use to connect your dashboard to the needed data sources.

just like the previous models, you will need to make a copy in google sheets to edit this free template and load your company’s data into it. you can purchase this template to add your data to it and share it with stakeholders. a marketing report allows you to track progress and define the areas where you need to invest more time or marketing budget. however, you need to focus on the ones that are essential and show the current status of your marketing campaigns. creating marketing reports is an important part of marketing efforts that will help you have a complete overview and increase the performance of your campaigns. lastly, using reporting templates makes it simpler for you to create assets that are easy to understand and share with stakeholders.