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whether you prepare a report for your client, your boss, or a colleague, there is always a risk of drowning in the data, drawing the wrong conclusion, and going in the wrong direction. here is how to do it in google ads: weekly reports are used to track and analyze the results of your short- and medium-term marketing efforts. this report allows you to see the impact of strategic marketing initiatives and long-term projects, like seo improvements, pr, and content marketing campaigns. where to get this data: a google analytics dashboard with the right time frames for everything related to traffic and conversions. while it is hard to build and easy to destroy, a backlink profile is vital for seo.

where to get this data: google search console provides you with a lot of data about site speed, mobile usability, amp, and other types of issues. here are the metrics and reports that will help you do that: what is happening to your follower base? a great report takes it one step further and tells the story of that data over a particular time period in relation to a goal. brand your report and add some color to make the data a little more exciting. don’t disrupt typical visualization conventions that users expect, such as color conventions (red=danger..) while trying to tell a compelling story, targeted at your final user.” to help agencies and marketers with reporting, semrush has a my reports tool, with which you can create, customize and schedule pdf reports for your clients, or management.

a good rule of thumb, when it comes to marketing reporting, is to create and share a marketing report with your entire company once a month. if you want to discover how visitors engage with your website, and which content drives the most engagement and conversions, there are several on-page events and metrics you can track from google analytics that will get you started: now you can benefit from the experience of our google analytics experts, who have put together a plug-and-play databox template showing the most important kpis for monitoring visitor engagement on your website. if you have any active campaigns, then this section is a must as it provides unique insights into the health and performance of your campaigns. a better approach is to use a dashboard like the one above that consolidates data from multiple platforms to give you a complete picture of your social media marketing performance: even if you don’t pay for any seo tools, you still probably need to grab data from both google analytics and google search console to populate your weekly/monthly performance reports.

if you’re trying to grow the audience for your facebook page through organic social media posting, this dashboard provides all of the metrics you need to measure your performance. this is determined not only by your automatic bid for a placement but also the quality of the ad itself. if you’re running a marketing project, you also need a way to monitor and report on the status of that project. you also need to make sure you’re taking action on the insights that your marketing automation dashboard data provides.

we put together 9 marketing report examples for daily, weekly, or monthly use. you can download the examples or copy the templates — without these 7 marketing report templates enable digital marketers to get the marketing performance data they need, quickly and seamlessly! here’s everything you need to know about marketing reports, how to create one, and 7 report examples with preset templates you can start using right away., quarterly marketing review template, quarterly marketing review template, digital marketing report sample pdf, marketing report template free, monthly marketing report sample pdf.

11 free plug-and-play marketing report templates you can use right now 1. overall marketing performance 2. seo overview 3. conversion metrics. use this free monthly marketing report template to highlights your key strategies and successes. include all of your channels: seo, ppc, social media and use our marketing analytics report template to track top digital marketing kpis and keep your entire marketing strategy in one single report., marketing report template word, digital marketing report example.

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