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a marketing report takes data from your marketing channels, visualizes it, and lets you create a custom report that you can send to your team, your clients or your managers. importantly, it lets you quickly and easily stay on top of your marketing performance across all your marketing channels and tells you where your digital marketing efforts are a success and where they might need to be optimized. you can include kpis from all the top marketing channels, from google analytics to social media, email marketing to paid search, and more! and the best part, is that whether you decide to create a daily, weekly, or monthly report, with a reporting tool such as dashthis, you only have to create your report once, and your data will be automatically be updated daily. this is a great all-around template that will give you an overview of all your marketing efforts.

you probably already use google analytics dashboards, however, this report will help keep you and your clients in the loop as to how your seo efforts are performing. bring all of your advertising campaigns into one marketing report for a complete view of how they’re all performing with our display advertising campaign marketing report. some of the key ones you should include in your report are: email marketing is a great way to get your products and services in front of people – they go straight into people’s inboxes. all of them make reporting on marketing campaigns quicker and easier: dashthis fetches the data automatically so you don’t have to manually enter data into word or excel to generate reports for your clients. once you’re happy with the report, it can be automatically delivered to whoever needs to see it.

read on to find out how you can create awesome digital marketing reports and see some marketing report samples you can use to get started. a good marketing report will give you the information you need to ensure your client’s marketing strategy is playing out the way you both want. 1. it allows you to speak frequently with your clients – regular client contact is essential to building trust and rapport. 3. you can educate your clients – a marketing report is a great way to keep your clients involved in the whole process and to make sure they understand what’s happening and why. a monthly marketing report will give you enough data to work with and to be able to spot emerging trends.

marketing report templates are a great way to start producing reports for your clients. from conversion rate to bounce rate, the seo report template includes the top kpis you’ll want to be staying on top of and is a fantastic jumping-off point for tracking seo efforts. our email marketing report template has all the kpis you need to ensure your email marketing efforts are optimized: if you’re not on social media then there’s a big hole in your marketing strategy. our digital marketing report template lets you do just that so you can keep an eye on all your campaigns from one convenient dashboard. you’re also able to save and reuse templates as many times as you like so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

how to present your clients’ marketing data use visuals – charts and graphs are much better than a written paragraph of statistics. include results upfront – 7 marketing report examples & samples. marketing report sample. seo report template; ppc report template; google analytics report template; ecommerce report putting together a marketing report can be overhwleming. that’s why we’ve collated these 17 real marketing report examples shared by our, .

here we share a few marketing report examples from our tool and share how tapclicks can automate monthly or weekly reporting. to effectively track digital marketing effectiveness, you need all types of regular reports: annual, monthly, weekly or daily. in this article, we share get marketing report examples and downloadable slide templates to help you fast-track your next batch of client reports., .

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