Management report template

Management report template is a sample document that shows to the management teams about the issues, findings, solutions and implementation plans etc. A well drafted sample management report will help the mangers, business to produce a professional management report.


Management Report Writing

Management report needs to use simple and clear language especially in some special fields or the project that involved advanced technology. When writing your management report, you need assume that the readers of management team may not familiar with the subject. If you must use jargon, make sure you use it correctly and give a brief explanation.

Management report needs to have a clear purpose and objectives. In your management report, you need to state clearly the report purpose and objectives and show how you can solve the problems and give recommendations. It is recommended that you write an summary of your findings at the beginning of your management report so that the busy readers will have a quick understanding of your content.

Management Report Template Outline

There are free management report sample you can download for reference, however, the free report template may not suit your own needs. You may use Word or Excel to develop your own sample management report if you grasp the management report format, management report outline and key elements.

The first key section in management report template is management report introduction. In the section, you need to state the purpose, scope, method and assumptions. For example, the purpose of the report is:____ (State the purpose of management report); The Methods used in the report:___(State the methods used in the analysis and sampling); The Assumption of the report is:____(If you have made assumptions in the report).

The second key section in management report format is key findings. In the section, you need to give a summary of your key findings based on the data analysis. This section presents the data information without discussion of the implications of your findings. For example, the key findings are:___(state the key findings in the report here); The Data analysis:___.

The third key section in management report sample is discussions and recommendations. In the section, you need to give your recommendations based on the findings. This section presents analysis and discussions of the result, including implications, consequences and issues raised. For example, the conclusion:___(state the main conclusion here); The recommendation and implementation:___(give your recommendation, potential issues or action plan).