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machine breakdown report template is a machine breakdown report sample that gives infomration on machine breakdown report design and format. when designing machine breakdown report example, it is important to consider machine breakdown report template style, design, color and theme. whatever the situation, operations managers and  maintenance managers need to regularly identify problem equipment. this is where the  equipment breakdown reports or similar asset maintenance reports from your maintenance management software come in handy. otherwise costs will be skewed if some equipment needs heavy maintenance only during certain times of the year. look at equipment downtime reports for the past twelve months. look for assets that have many complaints or many requests for maintenance work. you will not be able to compare statistics easily. internal metal fatigue, non availability of spare parts, lack of maintenance skills or newer equipment with better productivity and efficiency are reasons to consider replacing old machines.

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this covers things like skipping preventive maintenance, using poor quality spares & supplies or maintenance technicians not knowing how to do the job correctly. any equipment in your list that falls into this category needs a better preventive maintenance plan (7 tips to plan equipment preventive maintenance). or the equipment is not designed for the loads being put on it. this means that the equipment has internal flaws that cause it to fail frequently. if you have many similar equipment and they all seem to have frequent failures due to the same problem it could be sign of design or build issues. however, it will usually be isolated to only a few equipment out of many similar ones. you will need to check such equipment and do a complete re-install if necessary. use the import feature to import much of your equipment from comma delimited files.

one of the most common challenges managers face is machine downtime; the time a machine isn’t in production. the problem here, especially when attempting to conduct a downtime analysis, is that manually collected data is generally inaccurate and delayed. automating the collection of data and ensuring its accuracy is not only necessary to conduct a successful audit but also provides a foundation for effective decision-making that reaches far beyond downtime analysis alone.

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you will need an easy way to access and query this data, which is why an automated machine monitoring solution will make this far easier and more useful than doing it manually as it automatically pulls in the data to run analytics, populates reports, and allows you to build custom reports and dashboards there are a variety of reports and metrics you will want to look into in order to better understand why you are experiencing downtimes as you work to mitigate them. with machine monitoring, you can better understand what percentage of downtime is unplanned and see where the data reveals differences from expectations. the company needed accurate data presented in a way that workers and managers could interact with more dynamically in real-time. downtime is the single largest source of lost production time.

breakdown analysis kpi is a measure of the frequency and impact of equipment failures and breakdowns. immediate corrective maintenance ratio is a measure of the amount of immediate corrective maintenance (also known as breakdown maintenance) that is performed in relation to all other maintenance activities. on the other hand, a low immediate corrective maintenance ratio may indicate that equipment is generally reliable and requires fewer breakdown repairs. mean time between failures (mtbf) is a measure of the average time that a piece of equipment operates without failing or experiencing a breakdown. a high mtbf indicates that the equipment is reliable and requires less maintenance, while a low mtbf may indicate that the equipment is prone to failures and breakdowns.

we can be even more precise in our measurement by starting to count the time that machine is in a downstate. this way, they will understand that each time they fill in a fault report, they actually create valuable information for the maintenance department to improve the reliability of their equipment. one of the most effective ways to measure the reliability of your equipment is to measure its downtime. by looking at differences in maintenance reported downtime and machine monitoring, we can get clues on how the operators can improve their processes as well as us, the maintenance team. click to download and optimise your operations today!