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long report template is a long report sample that gives infomration on long report design and format. when designing long report example, it is important to consider long report template style, design, color and theme. a report is something that should be written concisely to be able to identify issues or events that have occurred within an organization. writing a report observes three different features. by any means, a report should be differentiated from that of an essay writing. look through this article to see about long reports and the difference between a long and short reports. this requires a lot of time and effort and research process. this should be written in a very detailed manner to be further organized in a letter format or in a memorandum. writing a long report is considered as a series of evolving projects that identifies a broad and essential subject for your report. the order of your long report should be flexible enough which means that it is not necessarily written in order. usually, a long report consists of three major parts.

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it is referred to as the front matter, report text and back matter. the report text includes the basic components of a report such as the introduction, body of a paragraph, conclusion, and recommendation. the body of the paragraph is usually comprises of a long paragraph that discusses about a plan that should be organized. the recommendation serves as the advice that tells the readers about what should be the best thing to do. short reports begin directly with a conclusion and recommendation. this type of report is written for recurring problems and are informal in nature. meanwhile, a long report begins by stating the statement of the problem, the scope, objectives and the methods used. it is written formally for it is intended to audiences that are both inside and outside of the organization. always have in mind that there is a huge difference between a short and long report especially to the each type of writing and target readers.

formal reports are the result of the gathering and analyzing of large amounts of data. this data is then presented to decision makers in business, industry, and government to aid in the process of making important decisions. long reports have a more formal tone, tackle complex and challenging topics, and are almost always  analytical  in nature. the follow video provides and comprehensive overview of the long report. because of the scope and complexity of formal reports, there is a need for in-depth and extensive data research and analysis. collecting research is a critical part of writing the formal report.

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thus, collecting credible, up-to-date, and reliable information is a critical part of writing a formal report. whenever research based on other people’s work is included in a report, credit must be given to that work. proper documentation adds credibility to the information presented in a report and protects the writer against charges of plagiarism. (2017). business communication: process and product (6th ed.). retrieved from /cgi-wadsworth/course_products_wp.pl?fid=m20b&product_isbn_issn=9780176531393&template=nelson meyer, c. (2017). communicating for results (4th ed.).

use the applied science and technology index, the monthly catalog of u.s. government publications, and the infotrac system as you begin collecting bibliographical sources. you must turn in a sheet with your topic or list of possible topics accompanied by photocopies of pages from the above bibliographical sources; highlight the articles that might be used. examples of these are gun control, abortion, or most of the topics you see on political news. each student must write a proposal; this proposal should be on the proposed topic of the student’s research paper. 4.         the bibliography should be written in the current mla format. audience analysis (fill out the audience profile sheet in your packet or on my web site.). a sentence outline should be assigned as the second part of the sequence leading to the completion of the research report. the purpose of the report “dummy” is to give you practice in formatting your report.

7.         body  use the title of your report (used as a 1st order heading. subsequent pages are numbered on the top right.) the page number is on the bottom center. the page number is on the bottom center. subsequent pages are numbered on the top right.) the page number is on the bottom center. the page number is on the bottom center. 5.         introduction–has correct sub-heads; has background of the problem; has mention of possible solutions; has a summary of two written works dealing with the problem of the solution; gives the general research procedure.