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insights report template is a insights report sample that gives infomration on insights report design and format. when designing insights report example, it is important to consider insights report template style, design, color and theme. reporting is the first step of working with data when it comes to marketing. good reporting should be organized with clear time parameters and have a clear visual presentation, so you can start to gain understanding of where things are as they pertain to your marketing efforts. analysis is the process of searching the reports and data to start to tell a more complex story. this would mean that to do true analysis you would have to gather data from outside of your data set. for example, if you were doing some analysis on your web data, you might have to gather reports on your social media channels or referral channels to see a bigger picture of the data and get an idea of how it’s influenced by outside sources. insight is the cumulation of lots of analysis of your data over time.

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this gives me an ability to do true insight analysis for a client, because my experience far exceeds the data in front of me. the best insight is predictive or preventative in nature. i’ve also seen how search rankings impact traffic, so i’ve got good idea of how much optimization is needed to influence search traffic results. this is the ability to prevent loss of traction in your work. this is a question we receive a lot, and honestly, we’re asked to bridge this gap in most organizations. there are benchmarking softwares that can give you some data to help replicate the impact of experiential insight across your industry. or do you have the deep knowledge and expertise to be creating insight?

the insights report is an add-on reporting tool that allows you to create your own executive report within minutes. adjust the date range to the timeframe you’d like to report on and complete all required fields identified with a * symbol after all slides have been reviewed and edited where necessary, click update in the bottom right-hand corner to reflect all changes when the report has been finalized click the x in the top right-hand corner. your new insight report will now live in the insight reports section of your account found in the left-hand navigation bar under report the main purpose of the insights reports is to easily show the success of your pr and communications efforts. this will bring you back to the same layout you saw when initially creating the report. this slide is an automated summary of the highlights from your report. include a custom summary slide that captures an overview of the main points from your report.

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display your brand’s media exposure by showing the volume of mentions vs. reach over time and the top publications with the most mentions. display the breakdown of your brand’s mscore, or in relation to competitors. view the position of your brand’s mscore, or in relation to competitors. showcase the number of print mentions that your brand has trended over time by displaying its mentions by volume, top publications and the overall sentiment. display the monetary value of your brand’s media coverage by using advertising value equivalency to estimate and highlight the amount of revenue attributed to an article. if there is a queue, you’ll receive a message estimating the time it will take to generate your report. during this time your report will have had a chance to automatically queue itself back up and complete.

it notifies you if there are interesting insights and provides explanations for them. the light bulb in the action bar turns yellow and toast notifications are shown if there are top insights for visuals in your current report page. select the see insights button to open the insights pane or choose show me later if you’d not like to get further notifications for this report in the current session. select more options (…) in the upper-right corner of a visual and then get insights to see insights about just that visual. an anomaly is an abnormality in time-series data, such as unexpected spikes and dips in the data. check out this technical blog for more details about the algorithm.

the trends are then identified for statistical significance based on the slope and length of a change in value. kpi analysis without a target looks at the value itself and flags ones that are high or low compared to other segments. when an anomaly in your data is flagged, power bi runs the analysis across different dimensions in your data model to look for spikes or dips in the measure that correlate to the anomaly. when a trend in your data is flagged, power bi looks for and identifies the categories that most influenced the increase or decrease in the identified trend. for kpi analysis with target, possible explanations are ranked based on z-scores of the difference of the value from the target. you can try bringing in more fields for the analysis.