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industrial visit report template is a industrial visit report sample that gives infomration on industrial visit report design and format. when designing industrial visit report example, it is important to consider industrial visit report template style, design, color and theme. the reports due to osha are logs and summaries of incidents; osha doesn’t require an industrial visit report. an industrial visit report is a narrative compilation of information and data that some employers voluntarily construct to assess the company’s safety and risk management programs. knowing how to write an industrial visit report can also help a company develop strategies for improving employee safety. the industrial visit introduction should include a company description with the company name, branch and site location, number of employees and square footage of the premises. include pertinent information, such as department listings, number of employees in each department, safety and risk management personnel and a brief description of the safety regulations applicable to the business. in addition, list features on the premises that secure the well-being and physical safety of employees and customers.

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prepare a list of safety measures the company practices, such as specific policies, departments responsible for ensuring safety of employees and customers, and standard operating procedures that the company disseminates to employees. name the safety measures that are highlighted as critical for employees, such as rules indicating that licensed personnel are the only employees permitted to drive company vehicles. safety logs might include vehicle maintenance records and drug test verification for companies subject to u.s. department of transportation regulations. in addition, summarize safety logs that the company produces for the u.s. occupational safety & health administration and the state equivalent of osha. write recommendations for enhanced security measures in the industrial visit report conclusion. advise how often employees should receive safety training and how best to publish workplace safety guidelines. she holds a master of arts in sociology from the university of missouri-kansas city.