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individual project report template is a individual project report sample that gives infomration on individual project report design and format. when designing individual project report example, it is important to consider individual project report template style, design, color and theme. academia stack exchange is a question and answer site for academics and those enrolled in higher education. during the course of my post-graduation, a friend and i worked on a personal project in pattern recognition. can it be published as some kind of academic report or something on a site like arxiv or or something? i’m interested predominantly because i’m wondering if this online availability would lend more credence to it being mentioned in my cv – as opposed to merely mentioning it and not having any transcript available. for the first: there is no need for “official” blessing on any scientific work; i’ve published personal side projects just as happily as projects in my “proper” line of work. if you’ve put work into something, and written it up in a non-embarrassing way, there’s no reason not to put it up online in an archival format, whether arxiv, tech report, or some other low-impact format. if a piece of work is non-embarrassing, what’s the worst that can happen if you put it online?

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but you never know… your coauthor might end up building something more significant out of it later (happened to one of my side-publications), or it might get noticed by people who happen to be dealing with a similar problem (happened to another of mine), and collect a few citations or even unexpectedly many. in short: there is never a reason to throw good work in the trash. if it involves a lot of code, you can put it as a repository in github or bitbucket. in some fields, bioinformatics for example, it is perfectly ok to list one’s github repositories in the cv, serving to showcase your skills to future employers. if so, one possible option is to investigate whether you would like to issue your results as a technical report. though to be honest, with online publication as easy as it is, there is no real need to go through the above except if you want it to “look more official” somehow. i don’t think you can publish it in a way that you can derive credit from.

new jersey institute of technology (njit) college of computing sciences (ccs) cis485-451/cis 786-851: world wide web standards, fall 2001 professor: michael bieber this document describes the format for your individual project final written report (part 1) and the grading criteria. most of the topics people have selected for this project involve multiple standards or a set of standards. (if your project has no possibility of comparative analysis, please explain this explicitly in a note to me attached to your project. you may choose to integrate this comparitive analysis throughout your detailed study section. if so, in this “comparative analysis” section you should put a review, summary, overview or table of the comparative analysis found elsewhere in your report. leave the reader inspired about your topic and analysis. for example, you could end with a vision of the future if your standards are fully agreed upon and properly deployed… any detailed information that would clog down the main report, such as technical details. this section lists all references you cited in the rest of your report. explicitly refer to each of your references within your paper.

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you must justify your findings in your written reports. you have to be able to express yourself clearly for others to understand you and your ideas. proofread and check the grammar of your work . in addition, most include grammar checkers. note that spell checking is but a small part of proofreading. aim your written report at an audience of professionals who are only computer-semiliterate to your classmates. (it doesn’t have to be in microsoft word, however.) please do not put your project report in a special folder. please use black and white, unless you absolutely need color.