Incident report template

Incident report template is a sample document that shows the details of the incident happened in the medical institutions or working environment. A well designed sample incident report can help business and management team to track the incident in timely manner.

Medical Incident Report Basics

Incident reporting can help improve the safety of the patients in medical field. Incident reporting is one method for preventing adverse events and promoting patient safety through the identification of events that resulted or could have resulted in patient harm. To achieve the objectives, Business and medical institutions need to educate and train their staff to report the incident in correct form. Subsequent collection and analysis of the incidents, including their severity, type, frequency, and probable cause, are intended to provide organizations with the necessary information to implement interventions that will limit future recurrence of such events.

Incident report needs to be submitted to relevant organization as soon as possible. An incident report should be done up as soon as possible, as details of an incident slip fast and key contact information of witnesses can be difficult to access later. The incident report can be a very useful tool for follow-up and is key in case of more serious incidents, especially when injury or damage has occurred. The report can potentially guide organizational and clinical interventions to decrease risks.

Incident Report Template Layout

There are free report template you can download for reference, however, you can develop a customized incident report based on the needs of your organization. During the process, it is important to consider the incident report format, incident report layout etc.

The first key part in incident report template is the background information. In the part, you need to give details of the person who is reporting the incident. For example, Date:___; Report Person:___; Contact Details:___ etc.

The second key part in incident report sample is details of the incident. For example, The details of incident or adverse event:___; The date of occurrence:___; Time:___; Location:___; Details of incident:___; Details of the injuries:____; Name of medical professionals:____; The action plan that has been taken for the incident:____ etc.

The last key part in incident report form is the details of witness. In the section, it is important to provide at lease 2 witness person. For example, the Witness name 1:____; Witness name1 Address:____; the witness name 2:___; Witness name 2 address:____.