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an incident report is an official document which would contain the facts and information related to an incident which had happened in the school, workplace or healthcare facility. from the purposes and benefits to helpful steps to guide you in filling up an incident report form, all these are included here. there are various reasons for someone to have to make such a report and it would be very helpful for you to know them. once you’ve filled out your report, you would most likely remember the details of the incident more clearly and you will be able to remember them in the future once you’ve read your report again.

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the closer you are to the incident, the more it would be your responsibility to make the report and write down everything you know. all these benefits would be able to help out your institution so as you can see, it is essential for you to require your staff and employees to make a report as soon as an incident occurs, especially if it’s an accident or injury. before you actually start formulating a template for an incident report form, you should know how you should be writing the report itself. your incident report would have to be understandable, to the point and accurate.